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National committee chairs and other positions 2016–17


Tamra Ross
Editors Calgary
I am an editor, layout designer, web designer/programmer, and partner in Cobweb Text and Design, a web and print development firm in Calgary. Until late last year my primary role was as executive director and communications manager for an educational non-profit; 2015 is my year to forge out on my own to develop new projects and clients. I've been an Editors Canada member for eight years and previously did a term as layout designer for the National and Prairie Provinces branch magazines. I am also currently working as a programmer for Athabasca University on a research grant from NSERC.



Anne Brennan
Editors British Columbia
I've been a(n) (F)EAC member on and off since 1986. I finished my CPE in 2010, and was delighted to be asked to serve on the Certification Steering Committee the following year. I've been bowled over to see how much expertise and rigour has gone into the certification program over the years. My special interest is moving the program into the computer age—which isn't as straightforward as you might think.

Professionally, I spent 25 years in house (mostly as managing editor for magazines, websites and post-secondary distance materials) before switching to freelancing in 2008. I edit educational, technical and corporate materials, develop and build simple websites and manage projects.

Personally, I'm happiest when I'm working on content about sewing or quilting…or, better yet, when I'm actually sewing or quilting. Unless I'm playing clarinet and alto sax in a musical theatre production. If I'm doing a Broadway-style show set in the 1920s, '30s or '40s, that trumps everything.


Jeanne McKane
Editors Toronto
I started working as an editor in 1996 (joining Editors Canada that same year), and I made the leap to freelance work in 2001. My focus is on health care and medical editing, working with government agencies, scholarly journals, researchers and nonprofits to improve the clarity of scientific communication. I obtained my CPE in 2011 and joined the certification steering committee in 2013. I'm so proud of Editors Canada's groundbreaking certification program, and of the amazing people who work so hard to nurture it and help it grow. It's truly a marvel.




Sandra Gravel
Editors Quebec/Atlantic Canada
I worked in the Government of Canada for almost 25 years before moving from regional communications manager in a science-based ministry, to being self-employed as an editor, certified writer, and business writing trainer. I love this second stage of my career! I accepted the position of chair of the Comité Agrément/Principes in 2013 because I wanted to be involved in creating a French editing proficiency program. We have achieved that thanks to a group of committed volunteers. Now what’s left is implementing it!



Susan Chambers
Editors British Columbia
As an editor, writer and research consultant, I enjoy helping authors and social change agents to inspire change through their words and deeds. Prior to switching careers in 2010, I worked as an institutional research analyst and became adept at (1) designing survey studies, and (2) collecting data for planning activities and tracking institutional performance indicators. I joined EAC in 2010 and started volunteering for EAC in 2012 when I offered to help redesign the membership survey. I published my first book, Small Business, Big Change: A Microentrepreneur's Guide to Social Responsibility (2012, Night Owls Press).




Marsha Fine
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I'm an in-house English writer/editor for the federal government. I've worked both freelance and in-house all my working life, everywhere from industrial publishing houses in Toronto, to the high-tech sector and government in Ottawa.

I've been a member of Editors Canada since 2008. The best part for me is connecting with other editors at our local events and national conferences. Everyone has so much to offer! Other interests include current affairs, reading, biking and baking. And I love taking my dog for walks along the numerous trails in Gatineau Park.

Suzanne Purkis
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I'm a freelance editor and managing editor of the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. I made the leap to freelancing in 2009, but my communications career began in 1998 when I wrote and edited web copy for an online business. I'm a big believer in the power of volunteering, both personally and professionally, so I've been an active Editors' Canada volunteer since becoming a member in 2012. I am also the volunteer organizer of the networking group, Ottawa Freelancers. In my spare time, you'll probably find me walking my dogs, hanging out in my garden, or sampling a good craft beer.




Anna Williams

Anna Williams
Editors Edmonton
I am a freelance editor and writer, primarily focused on technical and corporate communications. I've been freelancing since 2001, and I love the flexibility that allows me to be a stay-at-home mom while operating my business, AK Communications. I've been a member of Editors Canada since 2007, volunteering in several different capacities before settling into my role as managing editor for The Editors' Weekly.

Twitter @awilliamsedit



Joanne Haskins
Editors Toronto
I learned the fundamentals of editing and publishing at a national trade magazine, leaving as managing editor. I now help a variety of clients — including self-publishing authors, non-profits, governmental bodies, and businesses — with my own editing, writing and design company, Think Communications. I've been an Editors Canada member since 1997 and have volunteered in a variety of roles, including the redesign and production of the Toronto-branch newsletter and pilot-testing the copy-editing certification exam.







Nancy Wills
Editors Kingston
I am a Kingston-based freelance editor and indexer. After many years with the provincial government, I embarked on a career change that allowed me to focus on the aspects of my former job that I most enjoyed - writing and editing. As a relative new-comer to the trade and to freelancing, I am still trying to find my niche and have taken on jobs that involve fact-checking, proofreading, indexing and anything in between. In my spare time when not reading, I am a middle distance runner.



Michael Benedict
Editors Toronto
I help members in need of mediation or other dispute resolution services, usually related to unpaid invoices. During the past year, I assisted several members to obtain payment from delinquent clients.

I worked in journalism for three decades, as a writer and an editor. I was also a director of corporate communications with the province of Ontario and Canada Post. In 2005, I established MCB Strategies, a sole proprietorship providing consulting, writing and editing services.









Karin Cather
Editors Toronto
I joined Editors Canada in July 2014 after a first career as a trial lawyer. I completed an editing certificate from the University of California Berkeley Extension in 2015. I specialize in plain language editing of biological and behavioral science, medicine, law, and fiction (mainly police procedurals, apocalyptic, and science fiction). I live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my two sons, but I'm originally from Virginia. I have a third degree black belt in tae kwon do but now practice Krav Maga. I also hike when weather permits and am currently growing tomatoes on my porch.




Wendy Barron
Editors British Columbia
After a lifetime of being the go-to set of editorial eyes at work, I recently decided to monetize a natural talent and interest and hung out a shingle as a freelancer specializing in generalizing: I've edited academic writing, business writing, fiction and nonfiction, and I have a particular interest in food and beverage menus. I'm also a student, enrolled in SFU Continuing Studies' Editing Certificate program since January 2015.

In addition to Student Relations Committee, I'm also a speaker coordinator for the Annual Conference in Vancouver in 2016.



Patricia Furdek
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I'm an indexer with over 20 years' experience and a past member of the Indexing Society of Canada. I've indexed numerous academic texts and other nonfiction covering a range of subjects. In 2015 I became a certified proofreader and joined Editors Canada. After residing for many years in British Columbia (Nanaimo and Vancouver), I relocated to Ottawa in 2008 where I am self-employed.

My experience includes many years in educational program planning and delivery in corporate and nonprofit settings. I also tutor international students in business writing improvement. I look forward to working with the T&D Committee to further the association's professional development goals.



Nancy Foran
Editors Toronto
I've been editing for more than a decade, but my first love was print production. I made the transition from production to editing at Firefly Books, where I was a production editor. I've been a freelancer since 2006, working mostly in copyediting, proofreading, localization, and editing French-to-English translations for trade non-fiction publishers, educational publishers, non-profits, and corporations. A long-time  volunteer, I served on the  Toronto branch exec for five year, co-chaired the 2014 national conference, and contributed a chapter to the third edition of ECE. These experiences taught me how vital volunteers are to the success of our association, and I hope to be able to help our members maximize their volunteer experience within the association and beyond.



Michelle Boulton
Editors Saskatchewan
I began my career as a journalist, but over the past 25 years I have expanded my skill set to include editing, design, illustration, project management and training. As the creative director at 3c publications, I lead a team of talented professionals who produce everything from brochures, magazines and reports to books, academic journals and training manuals. I am a founding member of Editors Canada's Saskatchewan branch, and I have volunteered extensively at both the branch and the national level. In the coming year, I look forward to serving my association as co-chair of the professional standards committee.

Moira White
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I have been an editor for the past 25 years after beginning my career as a social worker and then a social policy analyst. I own an Ottawa-based editing and writing company, but much of my time is now spent training clients how to write and edit. I have volunteered at both the local (seminar chair and branch chair of NCR) and national (branch rep, president, and past president) levels for Editors Canada. I am a strong supporter of standards and Editors Canada's certification program and am delighted to be working with both committees and so many incredible volunteers.



Greg Ioannou, Editors Canada Past President
Editors Toronto
Colborne Communications
I've been a freelancer since 1977, and have taught editing all over the place. I was a founding member of (F)EAC and have had all sorts of positions on the executive, including president three times and treasurer six times (yikes!). In real life I own and run a writing and editing company called Colborne Communications, where my office is populated with moose paraphernalia. I'm also the publisher at Iguana Books. More importantly, I captain a team in a weekly trivia league, and frequent local pubs and stamp auctions.




Stephanie Fysh
Editors Toronto
I am a downtown Toronto–based freelance editor and proofreader of fiction, trade nonfiction and college textbooks and former instructor in and program co-coordinator of Ryerson University's Publishing certificate program. I have represented Editors Canada at meetings of the Book and Periodical Council for over a decade, am a former chair of the BPC's Book Summit Committee and am currently Chair of the Board of Directors. In my other time, I practise fine-art photography, bake, daydream about travelling, and try not to overparent three teenagers and young adults.




Marg Anne Morrison
Editors Toronto
I started Morrison Publishing Management (MPM) in 2004, after working in-house for 25 years at Between the Lines Press and Annick Press. MPM offers book publishing management services to Canadian publishers.  I taught for seven years in the Book and Magazine Publishing Program at Centennial College and was Executive Director of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization until 2015. I joined the Freedom of Expression Committee in 2004 as the Editors Canada representative, and have been the Chair since 2009.



Anne Louise Mahoney, Editors Canada President
Editors Ottawa–Gatineau
I have over 25 years' experience as an editor and over 15 years as managing editor for a book publisher. In 2008 I took the plunge into freelancing; the following year, I became one of Editors Canada's first four Certified Professional Editors. I am a proud member of Editors Canada and have enjoyed getting to know editing colleagues across the country in my work on Editing Canadian English 3 and Editorial Niches.




Greg Ioannou, Editors Canada Past President
Editors Toronto
Colborne Communications
I've been a freelancer since 1977, and have taught editing all over the place. I was a founding member of (F)EAC and have had all sorts of positions on the executive, including president three times and treasurer six times (yikes!). In real life I own and run a writing and editing company called Colborne Communications, where my office is populated with moose paraphernalia. I'm also the publisher at Iguana Books. More importantly, I captain a team in a weekly trivia league, and frequent local pubs and stamp auctions.