Editors' Association of Canada

Branches & TwigsFR

Every member of Editors Canada is also a member of one of our local groups. These are regional branches and twigs across the country, each offering a variety of local programs to members, student affiliates and non-members.

What is a twig?

Twigs provide similar services to those of branches—opportunities for networking, socializing, and professional development—but are located away from our larger branch cities. Twigs bring together editors in smaller cities and rural areas so that they can support each other and make use of resources offered by Editors Canada.

Questions about twigs? Click here to find out more.

Choose the branch nearest you for further details:

Choose the twig nearest you for further details:

Adjusting the Calendar Display

By default, the Editors Canada Event Calendar displays all branch and association events in Agenda format.

  • Click the down-arrow beside "Agenda" to display the colour legend.
  • On the legend, select or clear check boxes to choose which events to display.
  • Display the calendar in Week or Month view by clicking the Week or Month buttons near the top right.
  • Jump to an earlier or later period by clicking the arrow buttons near the top left.
  • Return to today by clicking on the Today button.
  • Click the down-arrow beside the date displayed on top, and a pop-up calendar tool appears. Click a date to jump to that date on your calendar.

Viewing the Events

Clicking any event will expand the event to show details. When the event is expanded:

  • Click the event title or "x" to collapse the event.
  • Click "more details" to open the event in a new window.
  • Click "map" to see a Google map of the event's location

Adding Events to Your Own Google Calendar

If you are using the free Google Calendar service, you can add any event to your personal Google Calendar by clicking "copy to my calendar" on the expanded event view.

Subscribing to Calendars Using RSS

If you have an RSS news reader and wish to subscribe to a calendar's events, use the links below:

Say Hello to Editors Canada

We’re transitioning to the Editors Canada brand. Over the next few months you’ll find our new look and messaging taking shape in our national and regional literature, emails and social media presence. Later this year we’ll be launching a fresh new website. Learn more about this exciting project.