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We are the Saskatchewan branch of the Editors' Association of Canada (EAC), the national professional association for Canadian editors. EAC has about 1,600 members; ours is the youngest branch, boasting just over 30 members. We present monthly programs and semi-annual workshops on topics of interest to editors, writers, and communicators.

For over 30 years EAC has provided professional support for working editors and has contributed to all aspects of business, educational, government, and corporate publishing.

Editors can help you say what you mean. They work on everything from ad copy and short business and corporate documents to full-length annual reports, books, and complex websites. Whether you are developing content or polishing your project, an editor can help you make your message clear, correct, and appropriate. 






EAC Saskatoon traditionally holds two workshops per year, in fall and spring.

Fall 2013 Workshop

 Creating Content for the Web w Lisa Manfield

Monday, 28 October 2013

Western Development Museum, 2610 Lorne Avenue, Saskatoon

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Previous offerings include

* Copy Editing/ Proofreading with Ruth Wilson (Apr '13)
* Eight-Step Editing with Jim Taylor (Nov '12)
Advanced Proofreading/ Substantive Editing with Ruth Wilson (May '12)
Editor as Concertmaster with Moira White (Nov '11)
Proofreading Process with Ruth Wilson (Apr '11)
More Grammar/ Plain Language (two days) with Frances Peck (Nov '10)
* Grappling with Grammar with Frances Peck (Mar '10)
* Eight-Step Editing with Jim Taylor (Nov '09)
* Crafting Clear and Concise Communications with Frances Peck (Apr '09)
* Writing and Editing Marketing Copy with Peter Roccia (Nov '08)
* Copy Editing: the Basics with Cheryl Lund (Apr '08)
Grammar in Action! with Peter Roccia (Nov '07)
From Concept to Completion: Managing the Production Process with Jennifer Latham (Apr '07)
* Practical Proofreading with Ruth Wilson (Nov '06)


Job opportunities—short and long-term contracts, in-house positions—are posted to members through our EAC Saskatchewan Job Hotline. Saskatchewan members also receive notices for Alberta and Manitoba through the Prairie Provinces Branch.


Are you looking for an editor? Send your job description to our hotline coordinator and we will broadcast your request to our membership. Interested editors will respond to you directly.  

What will it cost?

Some freelance editors charge a flat project fee, many charge by the hour, and a few charge by the page, word, or day.

Hourly rates range from $30 to $80 depending on such factors as  

  • experience of the editor,
  • type of editorial task,
  • complexity of the project, and
  • time available to complete the project.

It is reasonable for you to ask to see a résumé, work samples, and references. It is also a good idea to provide a sample of your document or project for estimating purposes. If you've narrowed down your choice to two or three editors and can't decide, you may wish to pay each to edit a short sample of your materials and choose the candidate who most suits your needs.


Latest Edition is the newsletter for the prairie region of the Editors' Association of Canada. Available only to branch members, Latest Edition contains valuable information about Prairie Provinces and Saskatchewan branch events and activities, member news and profiles, and interesting articles about the art and craft of editing.

For more information, contact the Latest Edition editor:

Anita Jenkins

Download a sample copy of Latest Edition(PDF).


To find out how you can become a part of our local network of professional editors, contact us.

You can also find more information about EAC membership on our national website. Click on "Join EAC" to find the necessary information and forms.


2013–2014 Executive

Co-chairs Michelle Boulton  &
Perry Millar
Past Chair Ursula Acton
Treasurer Linda Dietz
Secretary Tanya Turner
Membership & Programming Katherine Duncombe


Professsional Development Ursula Acton &
Perry Millar
Database Manager Ursula Acton


EAC Saskatchewan
Box 23014
Saskatoon, SK S7J 5H3

Email the Saskatchewan branch


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