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Copy Editing: a Hands-On Introduction

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Are you starting or considering a career in editing? Do you find yourself being asked to edit the work of your colleagues or peers and want some formal training to back up your efforts? This two-day seminar will introduce you to the basics of professional copy editing, helping you to move beyond the stage of thinking it looks wrong to knowing why and how to fix it.

We’ll cover the principles and techniques of copy editing both on paper and onscreen; the use of style sheets and style guides; common pitfalls of grammar and punctuation; basic rules for mechanics, such as capitalization, hyphenation, numbers, and abbreviations; and managing the author-editor relationship. Plenty of hands-on practice is provided, along with recommended resources for editors.


Camilla Blakeley is a principal in Blakeley Words+Pictures, a partnership that supplies editorial and design services to publishers, corporations, and government. She has been an editor for 25 years and is a winner of the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence. Camilla also teaches copy editing in Ryerson University's Publishing Program.


Wednesday, October 29 & Wednesday, November 5 
9 AM to 4 PM (lunches will be provided)
Registration – $275 members, $320 non-members (HST extra)
Early Registration (to October 22) – $235 members, $270 non-members (HST extra) 
Oakham House, Ryerson University
63 Gould St.

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