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Certification: Make it your next goal

If you have several years of full-time experience as an editor, you've already worked toward a high level of expertise. How can you get the recognition you deserve for your expertise from potential clients and employers? Certification may be the answer. Register now for this fall's Editors Canada certification exams.

Exam date: Saturday, November 19
Exams offered: Proofreading and structural editing (copy editing and stylistic editing will be offered again in 2017)
Locations: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax

Four reasons to register today

  • Certification credentials are recognized indicators of quality. The tests require experience and expertise, and they can challenge even the most seasoned editors. Earning these credentials proves that you know your stuff.
  • As the certification program gains recognition, promoting yourself as a certified editor tells prospective clients that you are the best of the best. It can also enable you to raise your fees.
  • Certification is a requirement for some jobs. Examples of employers that ask for our certification program credentials include the governments of Nova Scotia and Ontario.
  • The challenge of studying for the tests can be rewarding. Join a study group, review everything you know (or think you know), quiz yourself—and learn from your mistakes. Determine areas for improvement, and gain confidence in your skills.

Are you ready?

Answer this sample structural editing question:

Which of the following is not a structural editing task?

(a) recasting descriptive material into a table or diagram
(b) removing digressions and repetition
(c) establishing a consistent tone and level of formality
(d) identifying quotations that will require permissions


Editors Canada sets the standards for professional editing in Canada. Register now, and make this the year you add your name to the list of trail-blazing certified editors.

Are You Certifiable? Preparing for Editors Canada's Certification Exams (free webinar!)

Date: Friday, September 30
Time: 2 p.m., EDT / 11 a.m., PDT
Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Price: Free
Register now

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Editors Canada's certification exams from certified professional editors and members of the Editors Canada certification steering committee, who will provide valuable tips on how to prepare for the exams. Session participants will leave with a clear picture of what professional standards we are testing for, tips from certified professional editors on how to prepare, and recommendations of invaluable study resources.



(c) establishing a consistent tone and level of formality