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Certification Opens Doors

EAC Certification has opened many doors for me. Presenting myself as a Certified Professional Editor gives me credibility, confidence and a steady stream of clients.
—Anne Louise Mahoney, CPE, Freelance Editor

Want doors to open for you? EAC Certification is the key to demonstrating your skills and experience to clients, employers and colleagues. Your certification credential proves that you can meet professional editorial standards and perform demanding editing tasks.

Register now to discover the many benefits of EAC Certification for yourself and your profession.

EAC Certification involves four tests: Structural Editing, Stylistic Editing, Copy Editing and Proofreading. Pass one of these tests and earn a stand-alone certification credential in that area. Pass all four and earn the Certified Professional Editor (CPE) credential.

On Saturday, November 20, editors across the country will write the Proofreading and Copy Editing tests. Stylistic Editing will be offered in 2011 and Structural Editing in 2012.

Register for this year's tests before Monday, October 25, 1 p.m. EDT. As an EAC member, you will receive a discount of $100 on each test.

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Resources for Certification Success

The process of preparing for certification was valuable, giving me the occasion, the motivation, and many tools for a productive bout of professional development.
—Laura Cappello Bromling, Certified Copy Editor and Proofreader, Freelance Editor

Your experience will serve as the foundation for your success in EAC Certification, and EAC's publications will give you a further edge.

The EAC certification study guide for each skill area includes tips for test preparation, a practice test and answer key, and sample exams showing the work of both a successful candidate and an unsuccessful candidate. After working through each guide, you will go into your test knowing what to expect.

Meeting Professional Editorial Standards contains realistic editing exercises in each skill area, and is a valuable resource for all editors—from those learning the craft to experienced editors preparing for certification.

These EAC publications are based on the latest professional editorial standards (available as a free download).


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