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Conference 2013: Think 2013, think Halifax

Plans for the 2013 conference in Halifax are under way. Taking place at the Lord Nelson Hotel, a landmark across from the city's beautiful Victorian gardens, the conference promises to inspire, inform—and charm.

Your conference committee needs two key volunteers: a session host coordinator and a conference program coordinator.

Session Host Coordinator
A session host can be an EAC committee or executive council member, or any conference attendee who volunteers to introduce a session speaker, facilitate the Q&A and take responsibility for evaluation forms. The session host coordinator will

  • compile contact info for those who have volunteered to be session hosts (from registration lists provided by the EAC);
  • recruit additional hosts as needed;
  • assign each session host to a speaker and facilitate connection between the two;
  • compile and circulate materials to prepare session hosts for their responsibilities; and
  • prepare information packages for them to pick up at the venue.

Conference Program Coordinator
EAC hires a professional designer to produce a printed program for distribution at the conference, but volunteer help is also needed. The conference program coordinator—working mainly in April and May—will

  • collaborate with the communications manager on the design direction;
  • get session descriptions, schedules, room numbers, and speaker bios and photos from the speaker coordinator;
  • gather other information for the program as needed;
  • compile, write and/or edit all program content (most of which can be duplicated or adapted from the conference website);
  • gather sponsor logos and other images; and
  • circulate successive drafts of the program to the conference committee at various stages.

Can you fill one of these rewarding roles? Please contact the conference committee at