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"Cultivating Diversity" with Wayson Choy, Keynote Speaker

June 9-11, 2006, Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Call for volunteers

If you're attending the National Conference, we're offering some extra sizzle: join our volunteer team! You'll be contributing in many ways: hosting sessions, collecting evaluation forms, stuffing the tote bags, answering queries at the Information Desk.

We especially need Vancouver area members, because several things need doing right now. Only EAC members who are Conference attendees can volunteer on site during the Conference, but if you feel like chipping in without attending, we'd love to have you along.

We're using a new tool to coordinate volunteers. A wiki is a really easy-to-use web site where many people can collaborate. Cuts down email, builds a project fast. Many brains (including yours!) will improve the result. Anyone can see it, but to enter your name as a volunteer, you'll have to first log in as a Contributor.

See the wiki at eacvolunteersconference.pbwiki.com.

The password was posted to the EAC-ACR national list on 31 May, but have some fun here: it's a 9-letter word from the Latin words for "alone" and "self," meaning the philosophical theory that nothing but the self exists and thus is the only object of knowledge (Webster). Crossword clue: "Thus, labia, and ism."

You can edit any page, very easily. No HTML, promise! You can't delete pages, and the wiki stores previous versions, so nothing is ever lost.

This wiki will be fun and effective, yours as much as ours. Now it has only the essentials. All you really need to do is add your name. Feel free to add new pages: photos, comments, etc. For questions, there's a FAQ page.

We're looking forward to seeing your names and contributions. Please don't email us—just put questions on the site. And suggestions for the rewards you'd like...

Ricki Ewings Sharp and Graham Hayman
Volunteer Coordinators

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