Editors' Association of Canada/Association Canadienne des Réviseurs: Conference 2006 - Congrès 2006 - Vancouver

"Cultivating Diversity" with Wayson Choy, Keynote Speaker

June 9-11, 2006, Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Photos from Conference 2006

Here are some photographs sent in by editors who attended Conference 2006 in Vancouver. If you're interested, you can also listen to audio from part 1 and part 2 of Derek K. Miller's website workshop from Friday, June 9.

Website Workshop 1 Website Workshop 2 Website Workshop 3 Website Workshop 4 Website Workshop 5 jh_why_change.jpg .jpeg jh_people_park.jpg .jpeg jh_people_harbour.jpg .jpeg jh_lang_changes.jpg .jpeg jh_harwood.jpg .jpeg jh_harbour1.jpg .jpeg jh_harbour1-1.jpg .jpeg jh_gesture.jpg .jpeg jh_geisinger_danjou.jpg .jpeg jh_davey_harwood.jpg .jpeg jh_cochrane_davey.jpg .jpeg jh_audience2.jpg .jpeg jh_audience.jpg .jpeg Wayson Choy.jpg P6090269.JPG P6090268.JPG P6090267.JPG P6090266.JPG P6090264.JPG P6090263.JPG P6090262.JPG P6090260.JPG P6090258.JPG P6090257.JPG P6090256.JPG P6090255.JPG P6090254.JPG P6090253.JPG P6090252.JPG P6090250.JPG P6090249.JPG P6090248.JPG P6090247.JPG P6090246.JPG P6090245.JPG P6090244.JPG P6090243.JPG P6090241.JPG P6090239.JPG P6090236.JPG P6090235.JPG EAC conference09.jpg EAC conference012.jpg EAC conference011.jpg EAC conference010.jpg EAC conference0008.jpg EAC conference0007.JPG EAC conference0004.JPG EAC conference0003.JPG EAC conference0002.JPG EAC conference0001.JPG 0606090165.JPG

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