Say Hello to Editors Canada

We’re transitioning to the Editors Canada brand. Over the next few months you’ll find our new look and messaging taking shape in our national and regional literature, emails and social media presence. Later this year we’ll be launching a fresh new website. Learn more about this exciting project.

Editors' Association of Canada


Download the program and schedule (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Saturday, June 7

8–8:45 Check in
8:45–9:30 Opening Keynote: Doug Gibson – Auditorium
9:30–9:45 Break
Room Auditorium 211 216 240 241
9:45–10:45 Brave New World: e-Reading, e-Editing, and e-Publishing – Jennifer Latham Faster Editing: Using PerfectIt to Check Consistency and House Style – Daniel Heuman Reading Pictures: How to Edit Graphic Novels – Alison Kooistra Resumé Strategies for the Online Job Search – Pamela Paterson *†Subcontracting: Options, Opportunities, and Risks / La sous-traitance : options, occasions et risques – Michelle Boulton, Elizabeth d'Anjou, Elizabeth Macfie, Carolyne Roy
10:45–11:00 Break
11:00–12:00 How to Achieve Financial Security in Your Business and Personal Life – Philip Boland e-Merging in Social Media to Win Clients – Erin Brenner Beyond the Plain Language Edit – Claire Foley, Tracy Torchetti Tracking Change in Canadian Publishing – Gillian Buckley, Jen Knoch, Alana Wilcox, Noelle Allen New Editorial and Publishing Technologies – Carolyn Brown

Lunch and Learn
Financial Planning for the Professional Editor – Oran Boyle All About Certification: A Q&A Forum – Moira White, Frances Peck *Unconference: The Senior Editor's Roundtable (part 1) – Iva Cheung
1:00–2:00 No Longer Business as Usual: Copyright Issues in e-Merging Methods and Markets – Erin Finlay Every Good e-Book Needs a Good Editor: Demystifying EPUB Structure for Non-coders – Christen Thomas Editors Making Drugs: Your Career in Regulatory Medical Writing – Danielle St. Pierre Le point sur l’Agrément de l’ACR – Sandra Gravel *Working as an In-house Managing Editor – Brooke Smith, Robert Steckling, Tracy Torchetti
2:00–3:00 Break and Annual General Meeting Registration
3:00–5:00 EAC Annual General Meeting
7:00–9:30 Awards Banquet

Sunday, June 8

8:00–9:00 Check in
Room Auditorium 211 216 240 241
9:00–10:00 Career Mojo at Work: Deceptively Simple Strategies for Times of "Crazy Busy" – Eileen Chadnick An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization – Anne Godlewski Our Changing Language: When Does Wrong Become Right? – James Harbeck *†Collaboration: A Key to Success in the Publication Process / La collaboration : la clé du succès dans le processus de publication – Christine Hastie *Dirty Editing: The Collapsing Editorial Process (part 1) – Rosemary Shipton, Sue Earl, Tammy Burns
10:00–10:15 Break
10:15–11:15 Protecting Yourself in Your Digital World: Preventative Maintenance from a Computer Security Perspective – Jeffrey Peck Enlighten Others—and Get Paid for It: How to Launch and Run a Training Business – Graham Young Do You Speak Brand? Learning to Love the Lingo! – Jeannette Hanna Travailler dans l’édition français-langue-seconde – Tanjah Estelle Karoven, Caroline Kloss *Dirty Editing: The Collapsing Editorial Process (part 2) – Rosemary Shipton, Sue Earl, Tammy Burns
11:15–11:30 Break
11:30–12:30 *Advanced Acrobatics: Tips and Tricks for PDF Mark-up – Adrienne Montgomerie Ergonomic Balance: Make Your Workstation Work for Your Life! – Efan Gonsalves, Joseph Trambulo How to Edit a Blog (and When and Why You Should) – Tammy Burns †Editing Translations / Réviser les traductions – Lesley Cameron, Marie-Christine Payette Digital Publishing Opens Up New Opportunities for Pro Editors – Mark Lefebvre

Lunch and Learn
Speed Mentoring (pre-registration required) / Mentorat éclair (préinscription requit) Not-So-Senior Editors: A Q&A for Beginners (open drop-in) – Janet MacMillan
1:30–2:30 An Introduction to Project Management – Julie McKenna XML for Humans: Non-geek Discussion of a Geek-chic Topic – Bernard Aschwanden The No-Year Plan – David Hayes Indigenous Writing and Editing – Lee Maracle The Future of Self-publishing and Editors – Arlene Prunkl, Donna Dawson, Mark Lefebvre, Vanessa Ricci-Thode
2:30–2:45 Break
2:45–3:45 The Taxation of Income Earned from the Provision of Creative Services: An Overview – Thomas Bang, Jason Simon How to Leverage LinkedIn to Showcase Your Editorial Expertise – Leslie Hughes Tabula Rasa: Setting Content Free with Tablet Magazines – Stacey McLeod †Earn More by Working for Free / Les affaires du bénévolat – Carolyn Burke, Jacqueline Dinsmore, Sophie Pallota *Unconference: The Senior Editor's Roundtable (part 2) – Iva Cheung
3:45–4:00 Break
4:00–4:45 Closing Keynote: Terry Fallis – Auditorium


Business and Career Editing 2.0 Editorial Niches Language and Culture Tools and Technology

*The senior editor stream: Sessions marked with an asterisk are aimed at mid-career and senior editors. These sessions have been designed for editors who have experience in the topic or the background to discuss a new topic at a higher level. Editors who have already mastered the fundamentals will find these sessions informative, challenging, and sure to incite some “a-ha” moments. Many of the senior editor sessions and panels are roundtables that will call for attendees to discuss the subject and contribute to the knowledge being shared, so practical knowledge is a definite asset.

†The bilingual stream: Sessions marked with a dagger are aimed at editors who have a working knowledge of both French and English. However, session attendees need not be perfectly fluent in both languages. All that is required is a basic oral understanding of both languages and an open mind. We hope these sessions will give both primarily anglophone and primarily francophone members a chance to meet and network with a wider pool of colleagues.

Volunteer Opportunities

Rub shoulders with the experts by volunteering as an EAC 2014 Conference session host. Contact by May 9 with a list of the sessions that you would like to host and we’ll set you up.

For information on other conference volunteer opportunities, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.