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EAC email migration now complete

The tech migration of EAC's and email and the mailing lists to a new server is now complete. Email sent to EAC addresses, including the lists, has been released from the queue and, in many cases, has already made its way into inboxes. For some users, email will trickle in over the next few hours.

Although many of you have already successfully accessed EAC email and the mailing lists over the last couple of days, the migration project did take longer than we had anticipated. Our tech team ran into a couple of problems that took longer than expected to resolve.

  1. Members who use the mailing lists may have seen some strange list activity, including regressed subscriber settings.
  2. A small percentage of the users of and email had to change their settings to download their mail.

These problems have now been fixed.

EAC email and mailing list users may also have noticed duplicated emails. Our tech team erred on the side of caution to ensure that no incoming email was lost during the migration process. The downside to that approach is that a backlog of previously read messages was delivered as well once email in the queue was released. The good news is the backlog should be a one-time occurrence for each user, but we're sorry for that inconvenience.

For more information about the mailing lists, visit the EAC website.

For more information about and email addresses, visit the EAC website.

This concludes the migration of EAC's web pages, email addresses and lists to a more stable server. We apologize for taking longer than anticipated and thank you all for bearing with us.

If you are having trouble accessing EAC's web or email services, contact the national office.