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EAC web freeze in effect Tuesday, August 6

Dear members,

You've probably noticed an increase in downtime on EAC's web services over the last few weeks. A couple of months ago the company that hosts EAC's server was acquired by a large, national telecommunications company. Since the acquisition we have experienced disruptions in service that were not adequately addressed by our new host.

Improvements to EAC's web services are underway

The national office has sourced a new web host and is working with a web development and networking team to move EAC's web services (including all EAC websites and the and email accounts) to the new server over the next few weeks.

This tech migration will be conducted in stages to minimize disruption to end users. The team will begin with the web pages.

Web freeze in effect Tuesday, August 6 (no updates to EAC web pages, including ODE profiles)

The team is working throughout the week behind the scenes; however, we ask that all users (including EAC webmasters, blog managers and anyone who has an ODE/membership list profile) refrain from making updates to their EAC web pages on Tuesday, August 6.

We expect the web page migration to take no more than a few hours. The national office will inform members as soon as the web page freeze is over.

Email account migration tentatively scheduled for mid-August

Migration of the and email accounts is tentatively scheduled for mid-August. The web development and networking team is looking for ways to make this transition as seamless as possible.

The national office will provide more information (including instructions for navigating any changes in services) as it becomes available.

Thanks in advance for your patience as we transition to EAC's new server.