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Get help for phone phobia at pre-conference workshop

Do you have phone phobia? Get help at The Phone Lady's pre-conference workshop!

Whether you're pitching potential clients, following up on unpaid invoices, or negotiating a better deal, the phone can be a highly effective way to get what you want. But for many of us, phone phobia gets in the way, resulting in frustration, delays and lost opportunities.

On Friday, June 7, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mary Jane Copps (The Phone Lady) presents a not-to-be-missed pre-conference workshop in Halifax. "Powerful conversations: Using the telephone to get things done" is packed with simple, logical and memorable ways for getting the most out of the phone. This is an afternoon that will change the way you work.

By revealing the psychology involved in telephone communication, The Phone Lady will improve your phone conversations. What's the best way to make a cold call? When should you stop calling if your call isn't returned? When is it best to call instead of email? The Phone Lady answers all these questions, and more. And many of her suggestions can be used in face-to-face and email communication too.

Mary Jane Copps has worked as a journalist, manager, salesperson, researcher and fundraiser. She has spent many years analyzing the psychology of telephone calls. For more about The Phone Lady, visit

EAC's Nova Scotia Twig is presenting "Powerful conversations: Using the telephone to get things done." You can register separately for this pre-conference workshop, even if you aren't attending the conference.

If you are still considering attending the conference in Halifax, the last date for online is May 24. Register now!


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