Say Hello to Editors Canada

We’re transitioning to the Editors Canada brand. Over the next few months you’ll find our new look and messaging taking shape in our national and regional literature, emails and social media presence. Later this year we’ll be launching a fresh new website. Learn more about this exciting project.

Editors' Association of Canada

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DO YOU NEED freelance or salaried editorial assistance? Find the right editor for your project.

 Hire an EditorReady to hire an editor?

Post a job vacancy on our job board.

Post your job vacancy to our members' area of our website. 1,500 Editors Canada members from coast to coast will be able to access your post. This is an efficient and free way to promote your opportunity to both in-house and freelance editors.


Want to search for an editor?

Search our Online Directory of Editors.

You'll find detailed descriptions of specialities from over 400 editors across the country. Search by name, location editorial specialty, and more. This is a flexible tool for identifying editors with specific skills and knowledge.

Once you have shortlisted your candidates, contact the editors directly. For a freelance project, you'll probably want to discuss the details of the project, check the editor's availability and request an estimate. An editor will often ask you to send a representative sample of the material so that he or she can prepare a realistic estimate.


Need resources to help you figure out your requirements for an editor?

Consult our Definitions of editorial skills to determine what kind of help you need. Editors can put many different skills to work on your text.

You can find even more detail on several core skills in our Professional Editorial Standards.

For a freelance or contract project, consult our Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement to see what kinds of things should be spelled out in advance.