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Introducing certification credential maintenance

Registration opens on July 22, 2011, for EAC's 2011 Copy Editing and Stylistic Editing Certification Tests.

Editors who pass the November 2011 or later tests will have credential maintenance as part of their certification package. Editors certified prior to the 2011 tests are not required to participate, but are encouraged to opt in to credential maintenance (many have already indicated that they will). Note that editors certified in one area prior to the 2011 tests, and certified in further areas in 2011 or later, will be included in the credential maintenance program.

The foundation of EAC's credential maintenance program is professional development, focused on learning, teaching, working and volunteering—activities that can be accomplished quite reasonably and that many editors are already doing.

The basics of EAC's credential maintenance are:

  1. professional development activities with assigned point values; certified editors are required to earn 100 points over five years through some combination of:
    • receiving education and training
    • delivering education and training
    • volunteering for EAC (EAC members only)
    • working
    • other approved activities
  2. an annual fee ($25 for EAC members, $100 for non-members)

EAC is implementing credential maintenance to:

  • ensure that certified editors maintain a level of excellence by keeping their skills and knowledge up-to-date;
  • enhance the value and reputation of EAC certification; and
  • encourage certified editors to contribute to the editing community by sharing their knowledge and skills.

Credential maintenance is an important part of certification programs offered by many professional associations. EAC's credential maintenance program is similar to those of other organizations, such as the American Translators Association, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Project Management Institute.

More information about credential maintenance is now available on EAC's website at We encourage you to learn about this next important step in EAC's certification program. 

Issued on behalf of the Certification Steering Committee.