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Member discounts


Looking for savings on training opportunities, office supplies and resources? Editors Canada is pleased to offer great discounts to members and student affiliates.


We've been hard at work fostering relationships with other organizations and exploring potential partnerships that will benefit our members and affiliates. Events hosted by other organizations are great opportunities for Editors Canada members and affiliates to learn new skills while expanding their networks.

American Copy Editors Society
Editors Canada members register for ACES conferences, webinars and online training courses and other mutually agreed training and development services at the same price as ACES members.

Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (including all its member associations)
Editors Canada members register for CTTIC conferences, webinars and online training courses and other mutually agreed training and development services at the same price as CTTIC members.
Save on eTutorials designed to keep you informed and up to date on today's global copyright issues.

David Berman Communications
Editors Canada members save on accessibility webinars.

Editors Canada national conference
The highlight of our year is our national conference, held each spring. The weekend event offers 30 to 40 programmed sessions spread out over three days, which are led by experienced presenters and panelists from across Canada. Editors Canada members and student affiliates always register at discounted rates. (Register by the early-bird deadline for even greater savings!)

Editors Canada seminars
Many of our branches and twigs offer member discounts for local training. Visit the branch or twig nearest you to learn more.

Editors Canada webinars
Since 1979, Editors Canada has been delivering high-quality, local training for editors at every stage of their careers. Now you can get your professional development online with Editors Canada webinars. Editors Canada members and affiliates save 25% on webinars and webinar recordings.

Institute of Professional Editors Limited (Australia)
Editors Canada members register for IPEd conferences, webinars and online training courses and other mutually agreed training and development services at the same price as IPEd members.

Editing supplies and tools

Cult Pens
Editors Canada members receive a 10% discount on a wide selection of high-quality pens and refills in a vast array of colours and nib sizes, including many items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Cultural Human Resources Council
Join CHRC free as an affiliate member and take advantage of discounts on HR reference material and tools.

Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition
The online edition of the essential reference for Canadian editors and writers, provides instant, on-the-go access to the latest guidance on Canadian English usage. Editors Canada members and student affiliates save $10 on the annual subscription fee.

JSTOR digital library
Editors Canada members save 25% on an annual access plan to a digital library of more than 1,900 academic journals.

Editors Canada members save 15% on PerfectIt, software designed for to help identify the mistakes spelling and grammar checkers fail to find.

Staples Advantage
Editors Canada has partnered with the Staples Advantage Program to bring you the best prices on frequently used office supplies. You told us what office items you use the most and we've found a program to serve your needs.


Health and dental insurance
Editors Canada members have access to affordable health and dental insurance. These enhanced health-care plans can supplement provincial government coverage and help protect members against unexpected health and dental expenses.

Professional Indemnity and Commercial General Liability
Editors Canada members can sign up for affordable Professional Indemnity (also known as errors and omissions or E&O insurance) and Commercial General Liability (combined limit of indemnity) coverage designed to protect editors against claims brought by third parties for compensatory damages.

Professional certification and proficiency testing

Editors Canada professional certification
Is this the year you'll become a certified editor? Editors Canada members save up to $200 on our landmark professional certification program.

Programme d'agrément en révision linguistique – Réviseurs Canada
Dreaming of becoming a réviseur agréé? With PARL, French-language editors have the opportunity to have their competency in French editing officially recognized. And Editors Canada members always register at a discount.