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Eight-Step Editing

Eight-Step Editing

Finding and Fixing Common Readability Problems

Everybody Edits 

You may not think of yourself primarily as an editor. Perhaps you consider yourself a writer. Or a manager. Or a speaker. But if you have ever so much as altered one word in something that you've written or said, you've started editing. If you've clarified one sentence in someone else's dictation or minutes, you've acted as an editor. Eight-Step Editing workbook


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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Capital Hill Hotel & Suites, 88 Albert St., Ottawa
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Registration fees (includes lunch, snacks, and HST):

  • Editors Canada member: $275
  • Non-member: $400 

Seminar Description

Eight-Step Editing breaks the editorial process down into a series of tasks that will improve the readability of the final product. 

If you're an editor, whatever your experience level (from novice to expert), this seminar will help you develop a systematic approach to editing and identify functions you may have been performing only intuitively.  If you're a writer, the Eight-Step process will give you techniques for improving your manuscript before it goes to an editor.

The seminar will cover:
  • Step one: shorten sentences
  • Step two: take out the trash
  • Step three: eliminate the negatives
  • Step four: deflate long words and phrases
  • Step five: eliminate the equations
  • Step six: activate the passives
  • Step seven: lead with strength
  • Step eight: parade your paragraphs


Moira Rayner White entered the work world as a social worker and later moved into social policy. In both professions, she found that her organizational skills, attention to detail, and love of words were pointing her in a new direction—the world of editing. Currently a freelance editor, writer, and trainer with both public and private sector clients, she has decades of experience editing print and electronic publications. Moira is a past president of Editors Canada.