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Meet a Certified Proofreader: Lynne Yryku

Are you on the fence about registering for certification, or do you feel unsure of how it will help your career? EAC Certification represents the gold standard in editing, a powerful marketing tool that demonstrates your excellence to prospective clients and employers. It also gives you the confidence of knowing—and being able to prove—that your skills are first rate.

Certified Proofreader Lynne Yryku knows first-hand about the benefits of becoming certified. Now on maternity leave from her job as Senior Communications Coordinator at the Canadian Payroll Association, she says that increased recognition of her skill set at her workplace—including by her new manager, who had no prior knowledge of editing certifications—has been the biggest benefit of becoming a Certified Proofreader. "Being certified helps me in my current role and future career, as I demonstrate that I have a recognized standard of expertise and ability," she says.

Lynne first considered EAC Certification when her employer encouraged her to become certified. "The Canadian Payroll Association promotes certification in the payroll field by offering two programs. As such, it supports its employees being certified in their areas of expertise, and I was encouraged to pursue the editing certifications, beginning with proofreading."

She volunteered to pilot the Proofreading test the year before officially writing the exam. The following year, she took the test and passed. To help her prepare, she used the Proofreading Study Guide, and found the exercises in Meeting Professional Editorial Standards to be helpful study tools.

For editors who hesitate to write the certification tests, Lynne advises them to go for it. "As an editor, you are responsible for producing quality communications. Certification shows current and potential employers you have the expertise to perform your role at a professional level. It also promotes editing as a profession that requires a high level of skill. Finally, it puts you in touch with other certified editors if you are looking for new friends and colleagues—and who isn’t?" she says.

Lynne began her career in translation, but quickly discovered her love of editing. "I soon realized that that was what I truly enjoyed doing," she says. "I love making a text better. I enjoy being presented with the raw text, and being able to work with the words and structure to make it a solid piece of writing." She also admits, "I like other editors’ senses of humour. I laugh at word jokes."

Registration is still open for the 2012 certification tests—but only until October 26.

Don't delay. Register now to write the Proofreading and Structural Editing tests, which will be held on Saturday, November 17. The following locations are planned: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. The Copy Editing and Stylistic Editing tests will be offered in 2013. Make this the year you join the ranks of editors certified by EAC’s landmark certification program. For more information on certification or to register, visit


Issued on behalf of the EAC Certification Steering Committee by the national office.