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Announcing the new Online Directory of Editors

This summer you'll see a new version of the Online Directory of Editors, the official advertising directory of association members for use by clients, employers and colleagues.

Here's how you'll benefit:

  • Reach more clients and employers in a summer 2008 marketing campaign that will widely promote the directory
  • Create and update your directory listing more easily and within a more secure interface
  • Customize your listing by adding the editing and skills categories that matter most to you and your clients
  • Be confident your listing will be more visually appealing and read more easily in a variety of browsers
  • Market yourself in a directory that provides free, easy online access to listings

Potential clients and employers can now:

  • Refine their search for the right editor—sorting potential candidates by editing skill, subject area, name, city, province, telephone prefix and more
  • Review candidates' listings—their editing experience, credentials, current interests, prior projects, contact information and more
  • More easily review your listing in the improved format

But there's some fine print. Keep reading.

Entry Fee Required

  • Payment of an annual directory entry fee is required effective May 1, 2008. This fee is tax-deductible as a business expense.
  • In this transitional year, members will enjoy two months' listing free (May and June 2008) with payment for a one-year listing (July 2008 to June 2009).
  • Early-bird entry fee (by May 31): $65 plus GST
  • Regular entry fee (by June 30): $75 plus GST
  • Prorated listing: Members who list in the July 2008 to June 2009 year on or after July 1, 2008, will do so at a rate of $7.50 plus GST per month. For example, a member listing on October 15, 2008, will pay for nine months (October 2008 to June 2009 inclusive): $67.50 plus $3.38 GST for a total of $70.88.
  • Entry removal (beginning July 1): Unpaid listings will be removed from the directory.
  • No refunds are available to members who cancel their listing in the ODE or who fail to renew their EAC membership.

How to Sign Up

  • If you already have a directory listing, pay online or download
    PDF iconthis form (128.77 KB)
    to pay by mail or fax. Update your listing now or wait until the improved directory is launched in summer.
  • If you would like a new directory listing, pay online or download
    PDF iconthis form (128.77 KB)
    to pay by mail or fax by the entry deadline.
  • To update your current listing or submit a new listing, log into the members' area and go to Your online directory listing page.
  • Only voting and qualifying members in good standing and honorary life members may list in the directory.
  • Student and emeritus members may not list in the directory ().

What Are the Deadlines Again?

  • Early bird: May 31, 2008
  • Regular: June 30, 2008

People Are Talking About … the Directory

Deborah A. Windsor, executive director of The Writers' Union of Canada, says, "On behalf of The Writers' Union of Canada I am delighted to enthusiastically endorse the online job tools provided by the Editors' Association of Canada/Association canadienne des réviseurs. Two days before the Christmas break I contacted EAC and identified that I urgently needed editing services. I was amazed at what I found [on the Online Directory of Editors]. I must say that as I browsed around the directory I found the information impressive. Within a day I had exactly what I needed, thanks to EAC's online job tools. The editor I hired provided prompt and professional editing services within my schedule and I was, and am, delighted."

Carolyn Bishop ( says, "People who want work but haven't created an Online Directory of Editors listing are doing themselves a real disservice. I wish I'd made one a long time before I finally did so last year. So far, though I've received just three calls from people who found my listing there, each of them has turned out to be among my best regular clients. My income this year almost tripled last year's because of that listing, with my website and referrals accounting for the rest."

Greg Ioannou ( says, "I had only one client from the ODE last year, but what a great project! The people I'm working with are wonderful, and the work is really interesting. I've made over $14,000 so far on this one project."

EAC client Malcolm McGrath says, "I used the Online Directory of Editors a couple of years ago to find a proofreader/copy editor for my PhD thesis. I picked out several people who seemed appropriate and was able to ask them for a quote as well as background information and references online. In the end, I found someone who was perfect for the job and did excellent work. The directory is a great resource."
EAC member Donna Dawson says, "I have gotten enough jobs by being listed in the online directory to pay for my EAC membership for the rest of my life."

Don't lose your listing! In July, unpaid listings will be deleted from the Online Directory of Editors.

This message was produced on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.