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EAC releases new edition of Professional Editorial Standards

EAC is pleased to announce the release of a new edition of the association's pivotal publication on editing in the English language, Professional Editorial Standards.

Last revised in 1999, the new Professional Editorial Standards has been updated thoroughly to reflect changes in technology and the skills and knowledge required by editors today.

"Professional Editorial Standards reflects the real-world practices and skills of editors, regardless of the type of material they work on," says Jan Walter, chair of EAC's Professional Standards Committee. "This revision was a major undertaking, spanning nearly three years of research, drafting and review."

Members of the previous Professional Standards Committee—Frances Peck (chair), Nancy Flight, Laurel Hyatt, Jennifer Latham, Lynne Massey, Naomi Pauls and Cy Strom—organized and guided the revision from beginning to end.

Professional Editorial Standards is an essential publication for the editing profession. It sets out what editors should do when performing different stages of editing. It tells employers what to expect from the editors they hire. It shows new editors the range of skills and knowledge they should aspire to. It helps post-secondary institutions and other training providers design courses and material on editing. And it's the foundation on which EAC's landmark professional certification program is built.

Visit the to download a free copy of Professional Editorial Standards.

This message was produced on behalf of the Professional Standards Committee by the national office.