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Make certification your next big step.

Certification: A career-builder for all editors, not just Canadian ones.

International candidates

Our world-class certification program is an excellent opportunity for international candidates, too. If you're an editor who works in English and has some knowledge of Canadian editorial practices, you are welcome to take our certification tests. You may take our tests in any of the Canadian cities they're offered in or contact the national office for more information about our remote testing policy.

Prepare for certification the smart way.

Copy Editing Test Preparation Guide

Study well with this year's test preparation guides in copy editing and stylistic editing. Our updated guides are designed to equip you with the right tools for this year's onscreen tests. Preparing for the certification tests also serves as valuable professional development. If you want to discover your editorial strengths and areas for improvement, studying for this year's tests is the perfect way to find and fill any gaps in your skill set.

Don't forget to make your first move!

Editors Canada Certification

This year's tests will take place on November 18, but registration closes on October 20. Go for this year's certification tests before it's too late. Register today.