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The new Online Directory of Editors is here!

EAC's new Online Directory of Editors (ODE) is here! And promoting yourself never looked better.

New design

The new ODE sports a brand-new look that is more user friendly for editors and for people looking for editors. Be confident your listing will be more visually appealing and will read more easily in a variety of browsers.

New features

Individual profile pages
Editor profiles now appear on aesthetically pleasing individual pages. Give employers the link to your personal ODE web page to promote your skills.

Protected email addresses
Stop worrying about spammers. With the new ODE, you now have the option of displaying your email address or directing employers to an easy-to-use contact form instead.

Working language
Whether you work in English, French or another language, you can promote your editing skills with the new ODE.

Improved searchability

More search options
Search by any combination of keywords and multiple editorial skills, genres and subjects, or browse all editors by last name.

Refined search results
Search results are now ranked by relevance to the user's search instead of alphabetically by the editor's last name.

Optimization for search engines
The new ODE makes it easier for employers to find you. Individual profile pages have been designed to be picked up by search engines.

More profile options

Try before buying
Create a profile in the ODE—even before paying for it! You can create a profile at any time. It won't be published until you pay for it, but you can still create and preview your profile to see how you would benefit from listing in the ODE.

Work at your own pace
Create or edit your ODE profile at your leisure. The national office will process ODE payments each business day, but you won't have to wait for staff to approve your profile anymore—once it's paid for, you decide when your profile will be published online.

Promote your skills
With the new ODE, you determine the order of your editorial skills, media/genres, subjects and other interests. What's more, you can now select up to 30 options per category.

Make your statement
Say as much or as little as you want in your personal statement. There is no word limit in the new ODE, and a brief version of your statement will appear in the search results.

Check it out

Visit EAC's new Online Directory of Editors today.

Already listed?
Visit and follow the link at the bottom of the page to create your ODE account and start editing your profile.

Like what you see, but haven't signed up yet? Don't wait!
A listing through June 2009 costs just $7.50* per month (to a maximum of $75*). Don't pass up this opportunity to promote yourself!

Whether you had a profile in the old ODE that you want to reactivate or you want to create a profile for the first time, you'll need to create an ODE account first. Visit to create your ODE account and activate or create your profile.

*GST extra

Having trouble getting started?
Check out the ODE tutorial first. If you have further questions, contact the national office.

Important information

  • To sign up, pay online or download
    PDF iconthis form (1.79 MB)
    to pay by mail or fax.
  • Visit to create your ODE account and edit, activate or create your profile.
  • Only voting and qualifying members in good standing and honorary life members may list in the directory. Student and emeritus members may not list in the directory (Rules and Regulations No. 3: Membership Categories in the Association).

More than 375 members have signed up for an ODE profile. Join them and start promoting yourself today.