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Now's your time to soar with certification.

Celebrating one decade of editorial excellence.

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Over the past 10 years, Editors Canada's certification program has heightened the status of editing as a profession in Canada. We're now ready to usher in the next decade of our certification program by introducing computer-based testing. Our latest test preparation guides, for copy editing and stylistic editing, have been updated to reflect this year's onscreen tests.

Does your editing career need a boost?

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If you need help taking your career to greater heights, certification can help you rise to the top. Certification is a badge of excellence, proof of editorial mastery. Many employers and clients ask for certified editors; being Editors Canada–certified can give you a unique marketing advantage.

Register now and take to the skies.

Editors Canada certification tests are now on computer

This year is your time to get certified in copy editing and stylistic editing. Tests in these streams of editing will be offered next in 2019, so if you'd rather not wait, act now before it's too late. Register today and get certified.