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Editing Canadian English


We're pleased to announce the launch of the much anticipated third edition of Editing Canadian English, the essential reference for Canadian editors and writers, first published in 1987 and later updated in 2000.

This online edition provides instant, on-the-go access to the latest guidance on Canadian English usage, from Canadianization to spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, measurements, bilingual text and so much more. Written by expert editors from Editors Canada and beyond, it's a reference guide you can depend on. And thanks to regular updates, everyone who writes and edits "in Canadian" can stay on top of changes in language usage.

"We're thrilled to offer this new, online edition," says Editors Canada's former president, Moira White. "Last year, John Allemang asked, 'Who is speaking up for Canadian English?' in The Globe and Mail. We are proud to say that Canadian editors are."

<em>Editing Canadian English</em>, 3rd edition

Some of the common questions addressed by the third edition of Editing Canadian English include these:

  • What are the differences between proofreading, copy editing, stylistic editing, and structural editing, and how do I know which role is required?
  • When is it appropriate to adapt Canadian words that an international audience might stumble over?
  • What are the biases common in Canada and how do I correct for them?
  • How do I settle on a Canadian spelling when even our dictionaries can't agree?
  • What punctuation issues are specific to Canada?
  • How do I reconcile the metric versus imperial mix that characterizes Canadian usage?
  • How do I work with French text in English documents?

Where to buy Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition

You can purchase the print edition of Editing Canadian English from UBC Press or Chapters Indigo. You can also order it from your favourite bookseller.

Discount for bulk orders
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To get the 10% discount on bulk orders, visit the UBC Press website and place multiples of 14 in your shopping cart. Then use the coupon code ECE3 (be sure to click the "Update" button to apply the discount).

If you would prefer to place your bulk order by phone, fax or email, contact Megan Malashewsky at UBC Press: 604-822-5959. Please note that orders by fax or email will incur a shipping charge of $8.50 for the first book, $1.50 per additional book.