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Since 1979, Editors Canada has been delivering high-quality, local training for editors at every stage of their careers. Now you can get your professional development online with Editors Canada webinars.

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Editors Canada 2016–17 webinar schedule



May 25: What's Wrong with This Sentence?

Date: Thursday, May 25
Time: 2 p.m., EDT / 11 a.m., PDT
Length: 1.5 hours
Language: English
Member price: $56.25
Non-Member price: $75
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Correct usage of language is paramount to effective communication. The education system —from primary through post-secondary—does not offer students the tools needed for communicating effectively, whether verbally or in writing. The webinar is based on a workshop that was originally developed for the Canadian Authors' Association national conference, and has since been presented to numerous groups, from university professors to public relations experts to journalists. It returns to the basics of language: when and how to use "me," "myself," and "I"; clarifying appropriate adjectives and adverbs such as effective versus affective; avoiding split infinitives; the possessive apostrophe versus the contractive apostrophe; and dangling modifiers, among many other common usage issues.

The key concept of the webinar is that participants will gain (or possibly regain) a sense of the importance of correct usage of grammar and punctuation in the written and spoken word.


Melanie Scott 

Melanie Scott is freelance writer and the editor of the Low Down to Hull and Back News, an award-winning community newspaper based in Wakefield, QC.


June 5: Programme d’agrément en révision linguistique – Réviseurs Canada : Webinaire d’information

Date: Monday, June 5
Time: 12  p.m., EDT / 9 a.m., PDT
Length: 45 minutes
Language: French
Price: Free
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Si vous êtes réviseur linguistique, vous songez peut-être à accéder au titre de réviseur agréé. Pour savoir comment vous y prendre ou pour connaître tous les détails du Programme d'agrément en révision linguistique – Réviseurs Canada, prenez part au webinaire d'information du 5 juin prochain à 12 heures.

Sandra Gravel, présidente du comité responsable du Programme, se fera un plaisir de vous entretenir sur ce sujet et de répondre à vos questions.

À la fin de ce webinaire, vous en saurez plus sur :

  • L'association professionnelle Réviseurs Canada
  • Les Principes directeurs en révision professionnelle
  • Le Programme d'agrément en révision linguistique – Réviseurs Canada
  • L'examen d'agrément général du 14 octobre 2017
  • Le Guide de préparation à l'examen d'agrément général

Ce webinaire est ouvert à tous et à toutes, membres de Réviseurs Canada ou non.


Sandra Gravel évolue dans le domaine des communications depuis plus de 17 ans. Elle est consultante, formatrice, rédactrice agréée, réviseure linguistique et auteure du livre Travailleur autonome et entrepreneur : Soignez vos écrits – Améliorez vos affaires. Elle aime particulièrement aider les entrepreneurs à optimiser leur communication écrite.

Son expérience dans le domaine communautaire, l'édition de magazine et en gestion des communications à la fonction publique lui sert à bien guider ses clients.


July 10–14: Summer Series:  Almost Everything You Need to Know about Copy Editing and Grammar Skills

Date: Monday, July 10, to Friday, July 14
Time: 2 p.m., EDT / 11 a.m., PDT
Length: Five webinars, one hour each
Language: English
Editors Canada member price: $150 for the complete series ($37.50 for individual webinars)
Non-Member price: $225 for the complete series ($50 for individual webinars)

Series description
Have you ever paused to wonder whether a comma really should be added before a particular word? or whether you should add a hyphen to a compound? or how to phrase queries to the author? .

In this five-part series, you'll learn how to handle the "four pillars of copy editing":

  1. capitalization;
  2. hyphenation;
  3. commas, semicolons, and colons; and
  4. correct number style.

You'll also learn about the grammar skills that every copy editor needs to know and about communicating well with your author.

Series schedule

Day 1: Monday, July 10

  • Three short grammar lessons
  • Copy editing essentials

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Day 2: Tuesday, July 11

  • Commas, semicolons, and colons

Register for Day 2: Tuesday only or
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Day 3: Wednesday, July 12

  • Capitalization

Register for Day 3: Wednesday only or
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Day 4: Thursday, July 13

  • Hyphenation
  • Quotations, lists, parentheses and brackets, and ellipsis dots

Register for Day 4: Thursday only or
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Day 5: Friday, July 14

  • Number style
  • Communicating with the author

Register for Day 5: Friday only or
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Kathryn Dean 

Kathryn Dean has edited and project-managed a wide variety of trade, educational, and corporate publications, including books by Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Robert Bateman, Mary Lou Finlay, Mordecai Richler, Terry O'Reilly, and Maude Barlow. She also teaches Ryerson University's Copy Editing for Books, Journals, and Reports and is a winner of the Editors Canada Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence.


Registration info

Please note that registration takes place in two steps. 

  1. Click on the "Register now" link above for the webinar(s) you wish to attend. You will be directed to a payment page. 
  2. Once your payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains instructions to complete your registration on (our host). Be sure to complete this second step on to finalize your registration. Once you've finalized your registration, you will see your unique link to the webinar. You can copy this link down, but you'll also receive a reminder email with your webinar details a day ahead of time.


Past webinars

  • Social Media for Professional Communicators
  • Punctuation, Period!
  • Creating Compelling Web Content
  • Les réseaux sociaux, comment s'y retrouver
  • Are You Certifiable? Preparing for Editors Canada's Certification Exams (free webinar!)
  • Content That Counts: Content Development for Niche Media
  • Grab Your Career by the Ears and Shake It
  • La révision en traduction/adaptation littéraire
  • Language Theory: What You're Really Editing Is the Person
  • Developmental Editing for Fiction and Memoir
  • Getting work with the Online Directory of Editors
  • Creating and Maintaining In-House Style Guides
  • Let the Fire Burn Brightly: Wordiness Be Gone!
  • La langue de l'éducation au Canada, vous connaissez?
  • How to Meet People in a Room Full of Strangers
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word Styles 101
  • From Wordiness to Plain Language : Editing with Style
  • Good Grammar: It's More Than a Gut Feel
  • How to Evolve Your Writing from Print to Online
  • Professional Editorial Standards: How do they work for you?
  • La correction d'épreuves de manuels
  • A Linguist's Guide to Grammar
  • Techniques de révision après traduction

Recordings of past webinars are now available for purchase!