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Conference ABCs

Calling all fence-sitters!

Still looking for a reason to shell out your hard-earned dollars (tax deductible, of course) to go to the 30th anniversary conference? Here are 26 good reasons, alphabetized for your convenience.

A All the cool editors are going.
B With Conference Buddies you won't have to mingle single.
C The lead singer for The Circumstantialists leads EAC workshops—groove to the band at our 30th anniversary welcome reception!
D Diagnosis: Medical Editing. Become a better medical editor, stat!
E 89 Chestnut's executive chef was recipient of the 2001 Toronto Escoffier Society's Chef Member of the Year award. Classy conference cuisine!
F Quelques ateliers sont disponibles en français.
G FEAC founding member Sandra Gulland autographs her internationally best-selling books.
H Be part of history in the making—EAC will only turn 30 once.
I Indexing workshop, see also: another great session at this year's conference.
J The Japanese paper session will bring joy to your soul.
K Kids' books editors give us a peek at their bunny eat bunny world.
L You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll be with so many people you really like.
M Discover the world of museum catalogues from the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Power Plant at Harbourfront.
N CBC's Nora Young, our keynote speaker, talks tech for technophobes and technogeeks alike.
O The Oops Awards—meed we say nore?
P Poet Laureate Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, our banquet speaker, has a reputation for comedic flair.
Q What does "queer" really mean? Learn how to edit for sexual minorities.
R Ripple effect. The connections you make at the conference will be far-reaching.
S Superstar Editors—the biggest names in Canadian publishing share their wisdom.
T Applaud the nominees for the Tom Fairley Award at the banquet.
U It's all about us. Editors are not behind the scenes at our conference!
V Merchandise at the Vendor Fair has been thoughtfully selected to delight you.
W Wikis, tweeting and blogs, oh my! You'll be a whiz of a wiz after the social media session.
X What's up with words like xylophone? James Harbeck takes on English spelling.
Y Years from now, when we're still talking about this conference, you'll be so glad you were there.
Z Zombies stalking and terrifying us on Friday! Zofia Laubitz talking about certifying us on Saturday!

The 30th anniversary conference will take place from June 5 to 7 at the 89 Chestnut Conference Centre in downtown Toronto. Register now!

This message was produced on behalf of the Conference Committee by the national office.