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Scholarship opportunity for EAC student members

Dear EAC student member:

EAC is accepting applications for the inaugural Claudette Upton Scholarship. And with fewer than 75 student members in the association, your chances of winning are excellent.

What is the Claudette Upton Scholarship?
This is a $1,000 scholarship to help support continuing professional development in editing. Established in 2009, the award is named in memory of EAC honorary life member Claudette Reed Upton-Keeley.

Who was Claudette Upton?
Claudette was a gifted editor who loved the English language and was actively involved in social justice and environmental causes throughout her life. She taught editing courses and was a much-loved mentor to many.

If I win, what can I do with the scholarship money?
The $1,000 scholarship is the winner's to spend on continuing professional development in editing. The winner is encouraged to use the scholarship to attend EAC's national conference, purchase EAC publications or attend association workshops. The winner will be acknowledged at EAC's national conference, Reflections: Editing Content and Culture, in Montreal, on May 29, 2010.

How do I apply?
Applicants must be current student members of EAC. The application package must include the following documents:

  • a reference letter from an instructor in the applicant's course or program
  • a resumé (two pages maximum) describing the applicant's education and work history
  • a 300-word statement in response to the question "At the end of your long career as an editor, what one thing do you hope to be most proud of?"

Submit your application to

Claudette Upton Scholarship Coordinator
Editors' Association of Canada
505–27 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1L2

What's the deadline to apply?
The application package must reach the national office by November 30, 2009.

PLEASE NOTE: Between October 22 and November 4, the national office experienced significant email service disruptions due to problems with its Internet service provider. Please be aware that emails sent to the national office during this period may not have been received.

If you already submitted an application for the Claudette Upton Scholarship by email, but did not receive a response, please resend your application.

For more information about the scholarship, visit