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Introducing affordable errors and omissions insurance for members

The national executive council is proud to introduce a nationwide plan that offers affordable errors and omissions insurance to EAC members.

Through an arrangement with Sagicor Lloyd's Syndicate 1206, through Affinity Insurance Inc. and Grosvenor Brokers of Lloyd's of London, EAC is offering comprehensive and competitively priced Professional Indemnity (also known as errors and omissions or "E&O" insurance) and Commercial General Liability (combined limit of indemnity) coverage and outstanding service for as little as $800 per year.

Why do you need E&O insurance?

Professional risks go hand-in-hand with the editing industry. E&O insurance protects you against lawsuits arising from allegations of negligence or wrongdoing, thereby protecting your assets. For a client who has suffered damages, E&O insurance ensures there are adequate funds for compensation.

Read Tedd Campbell's fall 2009 Active Voice article, "

" for more information about E&O and Commercial General Liability insurance.

What are the key features of the plans?

  • Maximum of $1,000,000 Professional Indemnity and Commercial General Liability (combined limit of indemnity)
  • $2,000 deductible
  • Annual premium discount for members achieving higher levels of certification

How much does E&O insurance cost?

Together with the insurance companies, we've designed three plans based on your annual income.

  Income 1
($0 to $25,000)
Income 2
($26,000 to $50,000)
Income 3
($51,000 to $100,000)
Annual Premium C$800 C$1,000 C$1,200

Provincial Taxes

As per province As per province As per province


C$800 + APT C$1,000 + APT C$1,200 + APT

The premium for members with an annual income over $100,000 will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Financing terms are also available.

Further information

Visit the Members' Area to apply for one of the plans, view a sample policy and for more information.

This broadcast was produced on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.