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Certification—Reap the Benefits

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Validate and affirm your editing skills? Help raise the status of editing and editors in Canada?

If you're an experienced editor devoted to excellence, EAC Certification is for you. Register now and reap the benefits for yourself and your profession.

  • Earn professional recognition of your high level of knowledge and skill.
  • Gain a powerful marketing tool and the potential to command a higher salary.
  • Make the selection and hiring process easier for employers by assuring them you meet industry standards for quality of work.

On Saturday, November 20, the Proofreading and Copy Editing tests will be held in major centres across Canada.

Passing either test will earn you stand-alone certification in that area. Pass the Proofreading, Copy Editing, Stylistic Editing and Structural Editing tests, and you'll earn the coveted Certified Professional Editor (CPE) credential. Stylistic Editing will be offered in 2011 and Structural Editing in 2012.

Certification is open to EAC members and non-members. EAC members receive a discount of $100 on each test. Register for both tests this year and save $200 off the total cost.

Register before Monday, October 25, 1 p.m. EDT to start enjoying the benefits of EAC Certification.

For more information on the certification program and requirements, visit

Get the Edge!

Get the edge in preparing for your certification test by purchasing a revised certification study guide and Meeting Professional Editorial Standards.

The study guide for each skill area includes tips for test preparation, a practice test and answer key, and sample exams showing the work of both a successful candidate and an unsuccessful candidate.

Meeting Professional Editorial Standards contains realistic editing exercises in each skill area, and is a valuable resource for all editors—from beginning editors learning the craft to experienced editors preparing for certification.

These EAC publications are based on the latest professional editorial standards (available as a free download).

Issued on behalf of the EAC Certification Steering Committee and the EAC Publications Committee by the national office.