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Lesley Cameron elected as EAC's Regional Director of Branches and Twigs (west)

BC branch member Lesley Cameron has been elected to EAC's 2013–14 national executive council. Lesley was elected as the regional director of branches and twigs (west) in an election held online in the BC, Prairie Provinces and Saskatchewan branches between June 25 and July 2.

2013–14 national executive council
(to take office on September 3)

President: Jacqueline Dinsmore (QAC)
Past President: Greg Ioannou (TO)
Vice-president: Danielle Arbuckle (TO–HH)
Secretary: Randee Holmes (TO)
Treasurer: David Johansen (QAC)
Director, Branches and Twigs (west): Lesley Cameron (BC)
Director, Branches and Twigs (east): Julia Cochrane (NST)
Director, Professional Standards: Moira White (NCR)
Director, Training and Development: Ken Weinberg (TO)
Director, Communications: Michelle van der Merwe (BC)
Director, Publications: Karen Virag (PP)
Director, Francophone Affairs: Marie-Christine Payette (QAC)
Director, Volunteer Relations: Gael Spivak (NCR)
Executive Director: Carolyn L Burke


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