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Meet a Certified Stylistic Editor: Leslie Saffrey

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Leslie Saffrey is a Certified Stylistic Editor, Certified Copy Editor, and Certified Proofreader. As a full-time freelance editor, she works mostly on university and college textbooks. Her experience includes eight years in book publishing, as well as seven years in technical writing and editing.

Leslie holds a degree in linguistics and a publishing certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto. She joined EAC in 2005, and wrote the stylistic editing exam in 2011.

EAC: What made you consider EAC certification?

LS: Seeking certification was a way of proving to myself and others that I'm committed to my work and take it seriously, and that I want to excel at it.

EAC: At what point in your career did you take the exams?

LS: I took my first certification test, proofreading, after five years of full-time book editing, some in house and some freelance. I took the stylistic and copy editing tests the following year.

EAC: What are the benefits of certification? How has it helped your career?

LS: Being certified has made me more confident in my editorial judgment and skills. Studying for the tests helped me become a better editor. It made me work through and master all aspects of editing, and not just the tasks that I enjoy the most. As well, certification helps in attracting new clients and maintaining existing ones.

EAC: How did you prepare for the tests?

LS: I used all of the EAC's study materials: Professional Editorial Standards, Meeting Professional Editorial Standards, and the Study Guide for each test. I also read and did exercises from other books and resources on editing.

EAC: What advice would you give editors considering this year's certification tests?

LS: Use all of the study materials you can find. Begin well in advance of the test, and set aside several hours a week for studying.

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Issued on behalf of the EAC Certification Steering Committee by the national office.