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Jacqueline Dinsmore tenders resignation as EAC president

The national executive council (NEC) has announced that Jacqueline Dinsmore has tendered her resignation as president of EAC. This resignation is effective immediately.

Jacquie has led EAC since September 2013, and served as a national volunteer many times before that, both on the NEC and twice as conference chair. The NEC thanks Jacquie for her years of service to the association.

EAC's mission remains clear: powered by our community of volunteers, our mission is to develop and promote professional editorial standards, increase awareness of the value of editing, and provide products and services to editors throughout their careers.

At present, there are three open positions on the NEC: president, vice-president and director of communications. The national nominating committee is looking for strong and enthusiastic members to fill these roles and provide leadership for the association. Interested in joining the NEC? Download the

and contact the nominating committee for more information.

Sent on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.