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Certification season is in full swing!

Get certified and take hold of your career.

Editors Canada Certification

Editors seeking a career-enhancer can benefit from professional certification; it's a concrete way of proving editorial excellence. Editors Canada certification is a mark of expertise, a powerful marketing tool, and a door-opener into a world of career possibilities.

The gold standard is your golden opportunity!

There's more to certification than more job prospects. Have you ever yearned to command a higher salary or charge higher fees? Charging premium rates won't be an issue with proof of mastery in your craft. If you have a thorough understanding of the Professional Editorial Standards, it's your time to take the tests and shine. Grab hold of certification and prove to clients that you're certified gold.

Register today.

Registration closes on October 20, which means there are just a few days left! Don't get left out in the cold; make a decisive move before it's too late. Register today.