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Online edition of Editing Canadian English coming soon!

The online edition of Editing Canadian English will launch in February 2015. The new edition of this classic Canadian style guide has been thoroughly revised and updated.

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Editing Canadian English, 2nd edition

Editing Canadian English, 2nd EditionAn indispensable tool for anyone who edits Canadian English, this guide reviews current practices and sets out options in spelling, capitalization, usage, Canadianization of foreign texts, French in an English context, and other matters that lie outside the scope of American and British style guides. With its distinctive red cover, Editing Canadian English may be the first reference book you pull off the bookshelf when considering how to handle a prickly editing problem. The book does not prescribe, but provides lively and to-the-point discussion of editorial options.

The first edition of the book, published in 1987, was written by a group of association members in Toronto. Editing Canadian English quickly became an essential reference for Canadian editors and writers. In 1997, with the book out of print, four of the original authors, plus a new coordinator and the original proofreader, began revising and updating the text. The result was this much-praised second edition, published in May 2000.

 258 pages,

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What They're Saying about Editing Canadian English, 2nd edition

"Editing Canadian English is an essential reference book for writers, editors, and journalists working in Canada. Authoritative yet flexible, it perfectly complements the major American or British style guides we all use. It's also a browser's delight, chock full of information on topics as diverse as fair dealing, tuques, and whisky."

– Rosemary Shipton, coordinator, Publishing Program, Ryerson Polytechnic University

"Editing Canadian English is as indispensable for certain folks as air and water. It was my friend and guide for seven years at Saturday Night magazine and its child, the second edition, will be my boon companion too."

– John Fraser, National Post columnist and Master of Massey College in the University of Toronto

"Canadians have been confused about their own spelling since Toronto named Carlton Street after Sir Guy Carleton. Editing Canadian English should be in the field packs of everyone engaged in the front-line battle to keep Canadian English Canadian."

– Wayne Grady, author of Chasing the Chinook: On the Trail of Canadian Words and Culture