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Registration for the Editors' Association of Canada's (Editors Canada) landmark certification program is now open. Are you ready to join the growing roster of certified editors?

The proofreading and structural editing certification tests will be written on Saturday, November 19, in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. The copy editing and stylistic editing exams will be offered again in 2017.

What can certification do for you?

Becoming a certified editor lets you stand out from the crowd, and preparing for the exams is excellent professional development. Certification demonstrates the highest level of editing expertise, and it's a powerful marketing tool for professional editors in all fields from books and magazines to corporate and government departments.

"Certification has secured me a number of lucrative contracts I might not have otherwise landed," says Anne Brennan, CPE. "Many organizations are now looking for certification, and others are accepting it in lieu of portfolios and in-house editing tests." Perhaps the greatest benefit she can attest to: "I've doubled my rates since completing my CPE, and people seem willing to pay what I ask for."

Are you ready? Try a sample proofreading question:

Which of the following is the responsibility of the proofreader?

a) Remove jargon, trite expressions, and clichés.
(b) Check consistency and accuracy of running heads and captions.
(c) Improve sentence construction while eliminating wordiness.
(d) Ensure paragraphs are of an appropriate length and that appropriate transitions are used.


The key to success: study regularly, and practise, practise, practise!

Proofreading Study Guide: Editors' Association of Canada Certification

Use the Certification Study Guides to hone your test-taking skills and monitor your progress, and work through Meeting Professional Editorial Standards for extra practice.

Looking for more tips? See Preparing for Certification.

Join the ranks of professional editors certified by Editors Canada. Register today.



(b) Check consistency and accuracy of running heads and captions.