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Meeting Professional Editorial Standards

Meeting Professional Editorial Standards, Second Edition

Meeting Professional Editorial Standards is a hands-on resource that covers the core editorial skills you will need to work as an editor.

Captus Press and the Editors' Association of Canada are pleased to offer the Second Edition of this unique self-teaching and self-testing package. Based on Editors Canada's Professional Editorial Standards – 2009, Meeting Professional Editorial Standards, Second Edition, is adaptable to the needs of all editors—whether you are learning the craft, are an established professional or are preparing for Editors Canada's certification tests.

This reference tool is divided into volumes on stylistic editing, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading. Each volume contains exercises drawn from real situations, solutions and discussions about the issues presented.

The approach is suitable for either independent study or course work. If you are a learner, use it on your own or create a study group. If you are a teacher, you may use it as a basis for an editing course. Classroom copies are available from Captus Press.

Editing is an art as well as a discipline. Meeting Professional Editorial Standards defines the rules of the craft. This essential publication offers insights into the inspiration, patience, humility and concern with detail that infuse good editing.

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Meeting Professional Editorial Standards, Second Edition, 4 volumes

978-1-55322-223-1 Meeting Professional Editorial Standards, 4-volume set $160
978-1-55322-224-8 Proofreading: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards $40
978-1-55322-225-5 Copy Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards $40
978-1-55322-226-2 Stylistic Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards $40
978-1-55322-227-9 Structural Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards $40

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