Editors' Association of Canada

Design, typography and electronic publishing


Barcode FAQ
Everything you wanted to know about bar codes, but were afraid to ask.

The Chromium Projects
Detailed instructions for all aspects of designing web documents using Google's Chromium.

Designing Business Documents
An informative pdf adapted by Chris Burke from the Monotype Desktop Solutions series by Alison Black, Paul Stiff, and Robert Waller.

Document Design
Tips and advice on creating effective and attention-grabbing documents.

Document Design e-journal
Articles and opinions on writing, editing, and design, including the article "Editors, Rules, and Revision."

Positive Space — 30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download
Links to dozens of pdfs on various aspects of design, including presentation, web development and programming, and freelancing and income.

Web Style Guide, 3rd edition
Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton's informative web publication on document design.


A Disagreeably Facetious Type Glossary

Internet Type Foundry Index
Reviews, features, interviews, news, Web tours, and lots of links.

Microsoft Typography
MS fonts and tools, as well as an in-depth collection of links to other resources.

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography
Subscription information and a few sample articles.

Tips — Fonts & Typography links
University of St. Thomas's list of commericial, freeware, and shareware fonts for Mac and Windows. Includes a link to a font identifier site.

Tripwire Magazine — 75+ Awesome Font and Typography Tools, Tutorials, Generators and Inspiration
Links to many useful typography tools, such as font creators, generators, and converters.

A diverse group of type designers, developers, foundries, and aficionados who are working together to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property.

Typofile Magazine
Essays, opinions, fonts, and good advice from Daniel Will-Harris.

Electronic publishing

AcqWeb's Online Information Vendors and Electronic Publishers

The Art of Electronic Publishing: The Internet and Beyond
Use an interactive remote control to read the full online Prentice-Hall publication by author Sandy Ressler.

Canadian Authors Association
Resources pertaining to electronic rights as separate from print rights, e-book guidelines, e-publishing, e-book readers, electronic self-publishing sites, and related information.

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)
An outline of the uniform requirements for electronic manuscripts submitted to biomedial journals.

Journal of Electronic Publishing

Digital publishing platforms for conference and scholarly materials.


Publish: The Online Magazine for Electronic Publishing Professionals

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Writing for the Web