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A sneak peek at the new Editors Canada website

A new association website is on the way! Here's an inside look at what's coming.

New home page

Home page

The anchor for our online presence is our new home page. It features rotating banners and colourful focus boxes where we'll promote what's current in the association.

Home page

We'll also have integrated feeds where website visitors will see our social media and news updates at a glance. One feature on the home page that we'll be keeping from our old site is our "Meet an Editor" feature where we'll continue to profile our members and promote the fact that Editors Canada is a community—a national body of editors coming together to support one another through every stage of our careers.

Interior pages

Join Editors Canada

But a website is more than its home page. Interior pages will now feature a crisp white background for improved readability. Colourful focus boxes return here so we can highlight important features.

Want to know what's new at your branch or twig? Local group home pages will also feature Facebook, Twitter and WordPress feeds, as well as a new calendar tool.

Mobile ready

Mobile menu    Join Editors Canada (mobile)

More and more, people are surfing the web on their tablets and phones. With that in mind, we've designed the new website to be viewable on mobile devices. Gone will be the days of scrolling left to right and back again just to read a paragraph. Menus, web pages and ODE profiles on your tablet or phone? No problem. You'll be able to navigate them all on your mobile browser.

Ready, set, launch

We're currently hard at work on this new website and are aiming to have it launched by the end of the year. More than 30 volunteers have come forward to help us beta test the site so we can work out as many kinks as possible before we reveal our new home on the web to the world.


The new website will continue to evolve and improve once it's launched. We'll be reviewing its structure and copy—to make things easier to find and read—and introducing new features.

(Note: Because these screenshots were taken from the website in progress, some of them contain "maintenance mode" banners and admin tools, such as the "view" and "edit" buttons. These features will not be visible to website visitors when the final site is launched.)