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Strength in Numbers

The current economic environment has caused problems for many organizations and EAC is no exception. We've been losing members at a rate of about ten a month, and our revenues have declined as a result. Despite this, our key goals are still to strengthen the association and to bolster the services and benefits we provide to our members. EAC's long-term success is our priority, and you are an integral part of that success.

At the last AGM, our members decided to increase the annual membership fee to $250 for voting and qualifying members and $125 for student and emeritus members, effective July 1, 2010. The goal of those voting for the increase was to strengthen the association and give it the financial stability needed to support the existing programs and launch new ones.

That only works if the number of members doesn't drop precipitously. We're not expecting that to happen, but we're hoping that the benefits that the dues increase will bring aren't neutralized by a corresponding drop in the number of members.  That's why we're writing to ask for your support. If most members renew their memberships in 2010,  EAC will be able to continue to support key member services, such as EAC publications, our national awards, branch operations and communications (the listserv and website, e-news updates and Active Voice), the conference and certification. We're also trying to help members weather the recession by exploring new ways of generating work for them (such as landing government contracts for our members), and by launching a revamped insurance scheme.

We can't pull this off without you.
Our membership base will begin its usual growth as the recession ends. That increase will allow us to rebuild EAC's depleted reserve fund, which will help us ensure the association's long-term financial health. We'll continue to improve our services, introduce new member services, and focus on outreach to raise the profile of EAC and the profile of editing. We will also be able to ensure that the Tom Fairley Award and the Claudette Upton Scholarship—and some proposed new awards—continue to recognize editors and promising editors.

This weekend the national executive council heads into its fourth-quarter meeting facing the challenge of planning the association's 2010 budget with this fee increase in mind.

If you have any questions to raise ahead of the national executive council's budget planning meeting, please email

Sheila Mahoney
Treasurer, Editors' Association of Canada

This broadcast was produced on behalf of the national executive council by the national office.