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The updated website is here!

Our new-look home on the web is here! Here's what been updated at

New home page

The anchor for our online presence is our new association home page. It features rotating banners and colourful focus boxes where we'll promote what's happening at Editors Canada.

Social media and news feeds

We've integrated our social media feeds into our new home page. Now website visitors will see our national news and learn about the important work we're doing at a glance when they visit

Meet an editor

We've kept our "Meet an Editor" home page feature. This is where we profile our dedicated members and promote the fact that Editors Canada is a community—a national body of editors coming together to support one another through every stage of our careers.

What's new is this feature is now much easier for us to update. Look for a dramatic increase in the number of members profiled here!

Interior pages

The interior pages are similar to our old site; however, they now feature a crisp white background for improved readability.

Using our colourful focus boxes, we can also highlight important features.

Want to know what's new at your branch or twig? Local group home pages also feature Facebook, Twitter and WordPress feeds, as well as a new calendar tool.

Mobile ready

More and more, people are surfing the web on their tablets and phones. The updated is designed to be viewable on mobile devices. Gone are the days of scrolling left to right and back again just to read a paragraph. Menus, web pages and Online Directory of Editors profiles on your tablet or phone? No problem. Navigate them all on your mobile browser.


Many requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act are implemented in the code itself. As with any update, there is still some room for improvement. In future updates, we'll be looking at increasing the contrast between text and background to improve accessibility. We'll also be looking at how we present hyperlinks to meet changing standards.

Now you see it…

Our web development team has "flipped the switch" so most people are seeing the updated already. That said, some servers around the world may still be showing the cached version of our old site. If you're still seeing our blue and green site, it could take up to 24 hours for the new site to appear.

Those of you who are already seeing the updated site can now consider the web data freeze we instituted last week lifted. Go ahead and log into the updated, revise your ODE profile and explore the site!

Those of you who are still seeing the blue and green site will have to wait a little longer, but we promise it's worth the wait!

What's next?

You'll find that the architecture and content of the interior pages have not changed. In the next phase of our website update, we'll work on site navigation, updating content and copy, and archiving web pages that are out of date. We want your input and will need help tackling this important project, so keep an eye on your inbox for a call for volunteers in the coming weeks.

Bug report

Found a broken link or web page error? Please use this form to let our web development team know.