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Web server outage (email February 9-13 not recovered)

Dear members,

Well, there's no doubt that yesterday was a Monday!

As you are probably aware, EAC's web server experienced some unexpected downtime starting at approximately 10 a.m., EST yesterday and lasting for several hours. During the outage users were not able to access the association website, the Online Directory of Editors (ODE), Interactive Voice, the National Job Board, the email lists and email.

Our IT technicians have looked into the matter and determined the outage was a result of problems that occurred during the performance of unexpected hardware migration at our service provider. Working with our IT technicians, our service provider was able to get the website, ODE, Interactive Voice and National Job Board back online within four hours of the outage; however, email service for the lists and addresses was more problematic. Email was kept offline while our service provider investigated. Full email service was restored at approximately 8 p.m., EST.

After 10 hours of investigation, our service provider determined that email sent to an address or to any of EAC's email lists between 3:00 p.m., EST on February 9 and 12 p.m. EST on February 13 could not be recovered if it had not already been downloaded by the user. Email received before February 9 was not affected and email received after 12 p.m., EST on February 13 was spooled separately and has been delivered.

What does this mean for me?

If you use an email address and did not download your email from the server between February 9 and 13, email sent to you could not be recovered. Please let your contacts know they should resend any email sent during that period.

If you are subscribed to any of EAC's lists, please note that emails sent between February 9 and 13 could not be recovered and have not been archived.

Next steps

This week the national office and the IT team will keep a close eye on service to ensure we don't see any residual effect on EAC's web services. We are in discussion with our service provider to ensure this does not happen again. We will also be reviewing whether they are the best provider for our online services.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and thank members for being patient with us during this unexpected server outage.

In the event of future service disruptions, please note that we will do our best to keep you informed using the vehicles available to us, including the association website, our status page, these email broadcasts, Interactive Voice, Facebook and Twitter. And, as we promised on Facebook, we'll keep looking into vehicles that aren't currently available to use as well. Does anyone know where we can get some of those Harry Potter owls?