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Welcome to the Prairie Provinces branch of Editors Canada!

Contact Information

National Office

Margaret Shaw, Regional Director of Branches and Twigs (West)

Nancy Foran, Volunteer Management Committee

Kelley Stark, Job Hotline

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, Editors Prairie Provinces held its annual general meeting in Edmonton. Sixteen branch members attended, including several outgoing branch executive members and three guests from the National Executive Council.

Despite several calls for candidates to fill the open branch executive positions, too few members stepped forward to fill the 21 open branch roles. Without the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other essential roles filled, the branch could not fulfill its Editors Canada policy-governed responsibilities. 

Because of this dearth of volunteer energy in the branch, the outgoing Editors Prairie Provinces executive decided that it is in the branch's best interest to take a pause and operate under the administrative oversight of the Editors Canada national office. In providing administrative services for Editors Prairie Provinces, the national office will report directly to the Regional Director of Branches (west) and the National Executive Council.

Is Editors Prairie Provinces shutting down?

No. The outgoing branch executive has decided that Editors Prairie Provinces should enter a period of inactivity, because it doesn't have the volunteer support to provide leadership for the branch or to organize programming or networking events. Editors Prairie Provinces remains a branch of Editors Canada.

When there is sufficient volunteer involvement, Editors Canada will be able to resume activities. If you are interested in volunteering and helping rebuild Editors Prairie Provinces, please contact Nancy Foran, Volunteer Management Committee, at

Am I still an Editors Canada member?

Yes. You are still an Editors Canada member. During this period of branch inactivity, you can maintain your affiliation with Editors Prairie Provinces, or you may want to transfer your membership to another branch or twig. You might even want to take charge and start a branch in your region. Here's how.

Will any Editors Prairie Provinces services continue during this period of inactivity?

Local events, networking opportunities and promotion can't be organized without volunteer support. However, as an Editors Canada member you'll still have access to national online services like the email list, the National Job Board and the Online Directory of Editors, and all national services and benefits of membership.

The national office will continue to maintain the Editors Prairie Provinces job hotline and provide communication support for Editors Prairie Provinces, responding to general inquiries about the branch and providing other assistance as required.

Has this happened before?

Yes. This is not unusual for a volunteer-run organization. Volunteering is the backbone of Editors Canada, so burnout happens. Activity in other branches has ebbed and flowed over Editors Canada 35+ year history. In most cases, the branch took the hiatus to recuperate and recharge and, once rejuvenated, sprang back into action.

How long will the period of inactivity last? 

It's difficult to say how long the hiatus will last, but in the past we've seen Editors Canada branches take breaks lasting anywhere from a few months to a year or more.

What's next for Editors Prairie Provinces?

The National Executive Council will continue to monitor the situation and keep all Editors Canada members informed.

If you have any concerns at all about this hiatus or Editors Canada, please contact your regional director of branches (west), Margaret Shaw at Margaret sits on the National Executive Council on your behalf and attended the Editors Prairie Provinces AGM.

Where do I go for support?

For membership inquiries, email

For questions about branch administration, email

To discuss branch leadership or to volunteer for open Editors Prairie Provinces board executive positions, email and

Margaret Shaw, Regional Director of Branches and Twigs (West)