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What is RSS?
RSS is Really Simple Syndication, a way to easily share and update news and other web content in real time. RSS feeds (also called news feeds) are free subscriptions that allow you to receive the latest news about a website without visiting the site. The EAC Toronto branch RSS feed will inform you about the latest news and events at the branch. Another good description of RSS is available here.

What do you need to receive an RSS feed?
The first thing you will need is an RSS reader (also called an RSS aggregator, news reader, or feed reader). RSS readers can be software (downloadable applications), services offered online, or browser plug-ins. Many RSS readers (both software and online) are available for free on the Internet. Search for “RSS aggregator,” “RSS reader,” or “feed reader” to find the RSS reader that suits you.

After you have an RSS reader, you need to subscribe to the feeds you want. Your RSS reader will provide instructions on how to do that. (See instructions below for adding the EAC Toronto branch RSS feed.)

After you have added your feeds, your RSS reader will show you the latest information about all the feeds you subscribe to. Some RSS reader software will inform you immediately when a news item is added to a feed.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed using feed reader software
   1. Start your RSS reader software.
   2. Go to the webpage with the link to the podcast or newsfeed.
   3. Click the orange feed icon for the feed/podcast you want to subscribe to.
The RSS feed should be automatically added to your RSS feed reader software. (If not, copy and paste the location of the page that opens into your RSS feed reader software.)

How to subscribe to an RSS feed using a web-based feed reader
   1. On some RSS/newsfeed pages, there are icons for your particular web-based feed reader. In this case, click the icon to open the web-based feed reader and add your news feed in one step.
   2. If your web-based feed reader's icon is not shown, copy the link to the feed.
   3. Navigate to your web-based feed reader site.
   4. Add the feed by pasting the link into the site's Add a Feed/Subscription facility.
The selected feed/podcast should now be added to your web-based feed reader.

EAC Toronto branch newsfeeds and podcasts
Members-only podcast
Audio recordings of programs from Toronto branch meetings and other EAC events
Toronto branch events
Details about meetings and seminars