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Business Practices

Clear Communication by Design: An Editor’s Guide to Effective Documents

Michelle Boulton

Hiring Other Freelancers: Expanding Your Business with Colleagues

Carol Fisher Saller, Laura Poole, and Janet MacMillan

No, the Law Does Not (Normally) Require Legalese

Joseph Kimble


Editor as Advocate: Plain Language and Social Justice

Iva Cheung

Editing Around the World

Game of Words: The Role of Editorial Services and Press Operations

Sam Corea, Andrew Tzembelicos

Editing Practices

Inclusive Editing: Beyond Political Correctness

Sarah Grey

Low Literacy Adults Read, Too! How to Edit for Them

Debra Isabel Huron

Taming the Beast: Effectively Restructuring Online Policies and Processes

Trilby Henderson

Triage Editing: What to Edit if You Have 3 Minutes, 3 Hours, 3 Days or 3 Weeks

Teresa Schmedding, Karen Martwick

Editing Tools

The Dictionary as Data

Peter Sokolowski


That Crepuscular Light: Metaphor and Ornamental Language in News Writing

John McIntyre

When to Use Bad English

James Harbeck


Networking Tool: Honing Your Elevator Speech

Laura Poole

Using Social Media: Making Connections, Building Communities

Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, Brendan O’Brien, Gael Spivak, and Stacey Atkinson

PWAC Stream

Spice Up Your Storytelling with Statistics

Laura Laing


Alternatives to Editing: Working on a Self-Publisher’s Budget

Vanessa Ricci-Thode

The Many Ps of Book Marketing

Beth Kallman Werner

Unexpected Markets

Earning “Bread & Butter” Money in Canada 150 Project

Harry van Bommel

How and What to Edit in Visuals Accompanying Text

Cheryl Stephens, Adrienne Montgomerie