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Speed Mentoring

Need some advice? Sign up for speed mentoring, a 15-minute one-on-one consultation with some of EAC’s most highly regarded editors. The speed mentoring session is on Sunday, June 14, from 2:45 to 3:45.

Speed mentoring offers editors of all experience levels a unique opportunity for advice and feedback from someone who’s been there.

Here are our speed mentors and their specialties:

 Julia Cochrane

  • Editing math and textbooks

 Nancy Foran (in English or French)

  • Leveraging a second language
  • Working with French in an English environment
  • Localizing
  • Editing trade non-fiction

 Marg Gilks

  • Fiction editing
  • Working diplomatically and constructively with writers

 Freya Godard

  • Editing for government, school boards, book publishers, think-tanks, non-profit organizations and individuals
  • Health and safety, economics, political science, public policy and Canadian history
  • Stylistic, copy and academic editing

 Sarah Grey

  • Editing and researching politically sensitive material
  • Race, ethnicity, and nationality
  • Communicating with authors on these topics
  • Editing translations

 Greg Ioannou

  • Fiction editing
  • Publishing
  • Internships
  • Landing government contracts

 Christine LeBlanc

  • Writing and editing for marketing and promotions
  • Developing and implementing integrated marketing strategies (including social media)

 Katharine O’Moore-Klopf

  • Medical editing
  • Marketing your services
  • Looking for work
  • Juggling multiple projects
  • Estimating accurately
  • Juggling full-time self-employment with parenting children
  • Building and maintaining good editor–client relationships

 Marie-Christine Payette (in English or French)

  • Concordance editing
  • Education, youth literature
  • Serving on the national executive council (NEC)
  • Volunteering for EAC

 Sara Peacock

  • Running an editing organization
  • Academic editing for British publishers

 Frances Peck

  • Editing for government/corporate/institutional clients
  • Copy editing
  • Plain language editing
  • Freelancing (getting started, building your business)
  • EAC certification

 Leonie Pipe

  • Editing ESL science writing

 Laura Poole

  • Copy editing scholarly nonfiction
  • Networking
  • Developing a professional presence

 Betty R. Robinson

  • Developmental editing
  • Textbooks
  • Science

 Gael Spivak

  • Volunteering for professional development
  • Using social media for professional development
  • Government perspective on working as a freelancer for government

 Cheryl Stephens

  • Plain language and plain language editing

How to sign up for speed mentoring:

  1. You must be registered for the conference to schedule a speed mentoring consultation.
  2. Send your request to, with "Speed Mentoring" in the subject line. The deadline to sign up is Monday, June 1.
  3. Tell us who your top three speed mentors are, in order of preference. We’ll accommodate as many first choices as possible.
  4. Let us know if you’d like to talk to more than one speed mentor. We may be able to book up to three consultations for you if schedules allow. Speed mentors will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Before the conference, we’ll email you your speed mentoring schedule. To make the most of your speed mentoring experience, come prepared with specific questions.