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Conference Buddies

This year’s conference is coming up fast. What better way to enjoy it than with a group of friends?

Editing is a singular profession that benefits from plural connections. Why not begin the conference with four new colleagues whom you will have met before you even arrive?

The popular Conference Buddies program matches editors into groups of four or five, containing at least one local editor who knows Vancouver. One member of the group will take the lead, but each group is autonomous and can tailor activities to members’ preferences—perhaps starting off the day with breakfast together to talk over the conference options on offer, meeting for coffee or drinks, sharing a meal together, or taking a walk along the seawall (which is only minutes away from the conference venue, by the way).

Buddies are introduced to each other in advance via email, so they arrive at the conference with new connections already begun.

Sign up for Conference Buddies

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, check one of the boxes under volunteering—either as a participant buddy or a hosting/lead buddy—when registering for the conference online, or send an email to Conference Buddies coordinator Kitty Elton.