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Keynotes and Speakers


The Editors Canada conference committee is thrilled to announce the keynote speakers for the 2016 national conference in June.

Mary Norris

Mary Norris

We will open the proceedings with a keynote address from Mary Norris. Mary began working at The New Yorker in 1978, and has been a query proofreader at the magazine since 1993. She has written for "The Talk of the Town" section and for, where she is best known for her pieces on pencils and punctuation. Her first book is Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen (Norton).

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh

We will close the conference with a keynote speech from Bill Walsh. Bill is a night copy editor at the Washington Post. He also blogs at The Slot, tweets as @TheSlot, and is the author of three books about language: Yes, I Could Care Less, The Elephants of Style, and Lapsing into a Comma.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see, hear, and meet these two industry leaders in person in June. They will both be selling and signing copies of their books while they’re with us, so leave room in your suitcase for the trip home!


 Jordan Abel

Jordan Abel is a Nisga’a poet, editor, and PhD candidate from Vancouver. CBC Books named Abel one of 12 Young Writers to Watch (July 2015).

 Sue Archer

Sue Archer is a marketing and communications strategist, blogger, and freelance fiction editor who enjoys working with self-publishing authors.

 Julie Barlow

Julie Barlow has co-authored four books on language and culture, including international bestsellers. Her writing has appeared in print media across North America and Europe.

 Luigi Benetton

Luigi Benetton continually looks for ways to hack his productivity systems. During his downtime, he writes for business-to-business (B2B) technology companies and various periodicals.

 Michelle Boulton

Michelle Boulton facilitates “clear communication by design.” As a writer, editor, designer, and instructor, she helps people create documents that clearly communicate their intended message.

 Anne Brennan

Anne Brennan, CPE, is a Vancouver-based editor specializing in educational, technical, and corporate materials. She is co-chair of Editors Canada’s certification steering committee.

 Erin Brenner

Erin Brenner has been editing the web since 2000 and hasn’t abandoned her editorial values yet. Erin is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Copyediting newsletter.

 Jeff Burgess

Jeff Burgess is the Continuing Studies Visual Arts coordinator at Langara College, where he has created two new programs. Jeff also teaches at Capilano University.

 Ann Carlsen

Ann Carlsen is a lawyer with 20 years of experience in intellectual property law. She enjoys giving presentations on copyright to special interest groups.

 Iva Cheung

Iva Cheung is a Certified Professional Editor and has won the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence. She is a PhD candidate in knowledge translation.

 Anne Curry

Anne Curry came to editing after a career in teaching and educational administration. She specializes in dissertations and articles that use her beloved APA style.

 Elizabeth d’Anjou

Elizabeth d’Anjou is a freelance editor based in beautiful Prince Edward County who teaches online for Ryerson’s Publishing Program and presents editing workshops across Canada.

 Jonathon Dalton

Jonathon Dalton is a Vancouver-based Xeric-winning cartoonist who writes and draws comics. He teaches in the graphic novel program at Langara College.

 Jodi di Menna

Jodi di Menna has led the launch and reinvention of magazines and corporate websites. She is now Senior Writer/Editor for the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

 Emily Dockrill Jones

Emily Dockrill Jones has been developing websites for over a decade. Her website generates most of her new business and attracted her three largest clients.

 Jeff Ellis

Jeff Ellis is the President of the Vancouver-based comic book collective Cloudscape and teaches in the Langara College graphic novel program.

 Claire Foley

Claire Foley is a freelance editor and expert in plain language who freelances for various health, technical, and legal organizations.

 Flora Gordon

Flora Gordon designs for numerous public sector organizations. She developed a Plain Language Graphic Design curriculum with SFU, where she teaches design for editors.

 Joy Gugeler

Joy Gugeler has edited for Quarry, Beach Holme, Raincoast, and ECW presses, and has taught editing and publishing at Ryerson, SFU, and VIU. She operates Chameleon Consulting.

 James Harbeck

James Harbeck is a linguist, editor, and well-known writer on language and linguistics. His articles appear on websites such as The Week,, and Sesquiotica.

 Kate Harrison Whiteside

Kate Harrison Whiteside has over 20 years plain language experience as a writer/editor, project lead, and trainer in Canada and the UK.

 Daniel Heuman

Daniel Heuman is the developer of PerfectIt and the founder and CEO of Intelligent Editing. His software is used by thousands of professional editors worldwide.

 Greg Ioannou

Former disc jockey Greg Ioannou evolved from a record reviewer in his spare time to a professional editor running a publishing company and a crowdfunding site.

 Jaclyn Law

Jaclyn Law has been a freelance writer and editor for 10 years, working with magazines, corporate clients, non-profits, and websites. She is a past-president of PWAC Toronto.

 Kathe Lieber

Kathe Lieber, a writer, editor, and translator from Montreal, co-led a writing workshop for 18 years and has mentored writers with an interest in editing.

 Elizabeth Macfie

Certified editor Elizabeth Macfie has been an editor for 20 years and a trainer for 11, and she is a past chair of Editors Ottawa-Gatineau.

 Valerie Mansour

Valerie Mansour edits reports, theses, and books. She writes profiles for an immigrant services association, researches documentary films, and writes about food for regional magazines.

 Robin Marwick

Robin Marwick is a writer, editor, and content strategist with 15+ years’ experience in web and multimedia. She has a chemistry degree and an Airedale.

 Jeanne McKane

Jeanne McKane, CPE, is a Toronto-based freelance editor specializing in health care and medical editing. She is co-chair of Editors Canada’s certification steering committee.

 Ann-Marie Metten

Ann-Marie Metten is managing editor at Talonbooks, and has edited the manuscripts of Indigenous writers such as Tomson Highway, Bev Sellars, Drew Hayden Taylor, Marie Clements, and many others.

 Natasha Netschay Davies

Natasha Netschay Davies (@NatashaNDavies) develops integrated PR, online communications, and digital/social media campaigns. She helps companies share their stories and messages with a strategic mix of brand journalism and content marketing, and teaches part-time at SFU.

 Jessica Oman

When Jessica Oman isn’t helping entrepreneurs create and execute their business plans, she is road-tripping or developing her appreciation for a good West Coast IPA.

 Christine Peets

Christine Peets is a writer, blogger, and writing instructor based in Napanee, Ontario. She has taught writing and business communications courses since 2003.

 Laura Poole

Laura Poole is the founder of Archer Editorial Services and Editorial Bootcamp. She is also the co-owner and Director of Training for Copyediting.

 Arlene Prunkl

With over 160 manuscripts to her credit, Arlene Prunkl is an experienced freelance editor who has worked almost entirely with self-publishing authors for 14 years.

 Suzanne Purkis

Suzanne Purkis is a freelance writer and editor with more than 16 years of communications experience. She sits on the Editors Canada member services committee.

 Louise Saint-André

Louise Saint-André is an editor and trainer. She has used and taught Antidote for many years.

 Cheryl Stephens

Cheryl Stephens, a clear communication consultant since 1990, teaches writing and editing. A wizard, she has published 4 books on plain language work.

 Rachel Stuckey

Rachel Stuckey spent two years running her freelance editorial business from cafés, hotel rooms, house-sits, beach bungalows, and hostel beanbags around the world.

 Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson has illustrated his own brand of independent comic books. He is an instructor at Langara College and Emily Carr University.

 Tracy Torchetti

Tracy Torchetti is Director of Cancer Information at the Canadian Cancer Society. Her background is in medical anthropology and adult literacy.

 Heidi Turner

Heidi Turner specializes in legal, medical, and financial writing for corporate clients. She is developing a course on the business side of editing for SFU.

 Christina Vasilevski

Christina Vasilevski graduated from Ryerson University’s book publishing program. She has written and edited copy for organizations like Rogers Communications and the Yellow Pages.