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EAC Government & Business Sessions

EAC Conference 2011

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EAC Government & Business Sessions

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Session:    Beyond the logo: Building a brand through content

Speaker:      Pamela Findling
Day/Date:     Saturday, May 28
Time:            1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

Pamela Findling

About the session:

What do you think of when someone talks about branding? For many people, branding is all about the logo, a tagline, and the look and feel of a company’s marketing materials. But the content of everything from annual reports and brochures to health warnings and news releases is just as critical to building an organization’s brand.

Pamela Findling spent two years as the communications coordinator for Science World, one of Vancouver’s most popular tourist attractions. As the voice of this iconic exhibition centre, Pamela was responsible for ensuring that Science World’s zany, whimsical reputation permeated all its text.

In this session she will explain how Science World’s team built and reinforced its brand. She’ll show examples of an engaging annual report she created that people actually read, and she’ll describe how some creative and crazy stunts became front-page news. Sure to generate ideas and inspiration!

About the speaker:

Pamela Findling graduated from Print Futures: Professional Writing at Douglas College in 2008 and started work at Science World four days later. As the sole communications professional at Science World, Pamela increased media coverage, wrote or edited all marketing materials, and introduced Science World to social media, all while ensuring a consistent voice was heard. Since leaving Science World in May 2010 to start her own business, Pamela has written and edited for several clients and publications, including up! and alive magazines, Terasen Gas, and This spring, Pamela is also teaching a continuing education course on media relations for small businesses.

Session:    Business acumen: Earn more. Work less.

Speaker:      Carolyn Burke
Day/Date:     Sunday, May 29
Time:             9:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Carolyn Burke

About the session:

Editors need to be smart business people as well as respected professionals. This two-hour, hands-on session explores the best practices of successful business owners and entrepreneurs—practices that deliver results. It is complemented by examples of business-management tools and practice in using them.

Participants in this session will gain insight into running a small business successfully.

About the speaker:

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Carolyn L Burke advises corporate and NGO clients on organizational improvement and strategic long-term growth focusing on financial success and leadership. Her website is

Atelier:     Comment faire des affaires avec le gouvernement du Canada – Cancelled

Jour et date:    

Description de l’atelier :

Le gouvernement du Canada s’est engagé à donner aux petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) les moyens de faire des affaires avec lui. Le Bureau des petites et moyennes entreprises (BPME) appuie les PME en s’efforçant d’éliminer les obstacles auxquels elles font face et en simplifiant les exigences pour faire des affaires avec le gouvernement fédéral. Ce séminaire traite des bases de la vente de biens et de services au gouvernement du Canada. Les participants obtiendront de l’information sur la commercialisation de leurs produits et services auprès du gouvernement, sur les méthodes adoptées par celui-ci pour s’approvisionner et sur la façon de se tenir au courant des appels d’offres faits par le gouvernement du Canada. Le séminaire comprend la présentation des systèmes MERX et données d’inscription des fournisseurs.

À propos de l’animatrice:

Coming soon.

Session:    The corporate writing guide: Creating consistent, concise and clear communication

Speaker:      Rhonda Helman
Day/Date:     Sunday, May 29
Time:             2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Rhonda Helman

About the session:

Every organization has more than one communication medium, editor, writer or content approver. Many organizations have multiple industry style guides for each kind of content they produce. This makes it challenging to craft clear content with consistent messages, styles and formats. How do employees know which style to follow when one style guide, editor, writer or approver conflicts with the other?

An effective solution is creating a corporate writing guide. It’s an invaluable tool for employees – whether they’re writing technical content, news releases, emails or online content – as it helps them efficiently create concise messaging with the proper punctuation, capitalization and grammar.

During this session, you’ll learn how to develop a well-researched, usable corporate writing guide that addresses employees’ common writing errors. Find out when to adhere to industry style guides and how to develop and negotiate corporation-specific standards. There will be tips on how to get the guide approved and how to simultaneously create English and French guides. Learn how to build partnerships and establish trust in your editing expertise. Get employees to not only use the guide, but rely on it. See the value of having a corporate writing guide and gain the foundation to develop one.

About the speaker:

Rhonda Helman has over 10 years of writing and editing experience. She has a BA Honours in English and is completing her master’s degree. She’s been an editor at Farm Credit Canada in Regina, Sask. for two years. Before this, she worked at Information Services Corporation as a technical writer and a communication consultant. She volunteers as an editor and writer for local companies and aspiring novelists. She’s a member of IABC and EAC and the vice-president of public relations for a local Toastmasters club.

Session:      DIY books: Working with self-publishing authors

Speakers:    Donna Dawson and Sheila Mahoney
Day/Date:      Sunday, May 29
Time:             1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Donna Dawson     Sheila Mahoney

About the session:

With the growth of print-on-demand and e-books, the number of self-publishers also continues to grow. Find out if this is editing work you want to take on. This session will introduce the process of working with self-publishing book authors:

  • negotiating work to be done, fees, and contracts
  • approaching texts in need of multi-stage editing
  • negotiating changes with the author
  • guiding your client through the self-publishing process
  • connecting with other professionals the author will need

About the speakers:

Donna Dawson, Certified Professional Editor, has been a freelance editor since 1996. Much of her work has been on health/medical and stock market, financial and business material for both consumers and professionals. She has also worked in fields ranging from theatre and biography to education and advertising and has handled a wide variety of documents, including medical journals, continuing medical education programs, financial statements, web sites, newsletters, brochures and ads, books, reports and dissertations. Donna’s rewriting and ghostwriting projects include books, a children’s story and marketing material. She has worked with eight first-time self-publishing authors.

Sheila Mahoney has over 20 years’ editing experience in a broad range of subjects, especially financial research and mutual fund reporting. She also does manuscript evaluations for writers looking to either self-publish or market their book or book idea to publishers. Sheila has edited and proofread medical journals and books, an electronics magazine and annual reports. Her fields of interest include alternative medicine, fitness, wellness and stress management. She has significant substantive and copy editing experience, along with expertise designing and developing Word templates to standardize and simplify document production. She has worked with five first-time self-publishing authors.

Session:      e-Everything and print too: Educational publishing does it all

Speakers:    Yvonne Van Ruskenveld and Lionel Sandner
Day/Date:      Saturday, May 28
Time:             10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Yvonne Van Ruskenveld     Lionel Sandner     

About the session:

Textbooks, workbooks, websites, test banks, image banks, videos, teacher’s resources, online activities—educational publishing encompasses all aspects of print and electronic resources for instructors and students.

This session begins with an overview of the educational publishing industry in Canada today. Like other parts of the publishing industry, educational publishing faces an uncertain future. Do carefully assembled and edited print and online resources have a place in the world of Google, photocopiers, and dramatic changes to copyright laws?

The second part of this session deals with the editorial aspects of educational publishing. A wide range of editorial tasks is involved in educational projects, from project management, to the various types of text and art editing, photo research, indexing, and production editing. The emphasis will be on the electronic aspects of these tasks.

About the speakers:

Yvonne Van Ruskenveld is director of publishing for Edvantage Interactive, a BC-based company specializing in print and online educational resources. Before helping establish Edvantage Interactive, Yvonne was a freelance editor for 20 years. She was a founding member of West Coast Editorial Associates.

Lionel Sandner is president of Edvantage Interactive, an educational consultant, and a well-known author of science textbooks in use across Canada. Before going into publishing, he was an award-winning science teacher.

Session:     The e-volution of an in-house editor at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

Speaker:      Morgan Chojnacki
Day/Date:     Saturday, May 28
Time:            11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Morgan Chojnacki 

About the session:

The role of an in-house editor in a university communications department has many dimensions and can change quickly. New skills have to be developed in the face of new publishing needs and policies (such as a directive to publish entirely on the web!). This session explores the different hats that one in-house editor wears.
Topics include:

  • defining an in-house editor, UBC-style: what’s it all about?
  • sketching an editor’s responsibilities: from substantive editing to print and web proofing
  • growing the editor’s role: project manager, usability consultant, web content strategist, communications planner...
  • learning new tools of the trade: focus groups, social media applications, content management systems, access databases, templates…
  • seizing the day: expanding the role of editor through reorganizational change and new opportunities

Participants in this session will:

  • gain an insider’s perspective on editing and publishing at a university: its challenges and uncertainties, plans and deliverables
  • learn how current editorial skills can be leveraged into new career paths
  • learn about the types of roles that can be developed based on skills and experience

About the speaker:

Morgan Chojnacki has worked as an editor, writer, and occasional translator for more than 17 years. Having worked for herself, private corporations, and non-profit organizations, she is now the resident senior communications coordinator in Student Communications Services at UBC. A long-standing wordsmith, her writing has appeared on websites and in newsletters, magazines, anthologies, and journals.

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