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Language and Culture

Session: Do You Speak Brand? Learning to Love the Lingo!

Speaker: Jeannette Hanna

Jeannette Hanna

About the session:

Brands and businesses are discovering the power of shaping a distinct “voice” for their communications. It’s an opportunity that writers and editors can capitalize on in a number of ways. Jeannette Hanna maps those opportunities and provides tips for burnishing your own brand image at the same time.

About the speaker:

Jeannette Hanna is a brand strategist who’s worked with many of Canada’s biggest brands—from Four Seasons to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. She’s a regular lecturer at Schulich School of Business and co-author of Ikonica: A Field Guide to Canada’s Brandscape.


Session: No Longer Business as Usual: Copyright Issues in e-Merging Methods and Markets

Speaker: Erin Finlay

Erin Finlay

About the session:

Changing digital technologies have thrown our understanding of copyright into a tailspin. This session will explore some of the effects of evolving technologies on copyright and will provide hands-on, practical information to those who have to navigate copyright issues in a rapidly changing environment.

About the speaker:

Erin Finlay is director of legal and government relations and general counsel at Access Copyright.


Session: Our Changing Language: When Does Wrong Become Right?

Speaker: James Harbeck

James Harbeck

About the session:

English changes all the time, and always has. Why? Because humans. Irregardless, there are some usages that literally drive us crazy. But there are also some changes that we will have to learn to accept—and others we probably eagerly welcome. Our job as editors is to be bouncers at the door of our texts. James Harbeck will talk about how to know which ones to let in and which ones to keep out—at least for now.

About the speaker:

James Harbeck is an experienced web editor and trained linguist, and is author of the blog Sesquiotica, the book Songs of Love and Grammar, and regular articles for


Tracking Change in Canadian Publishing

Moderator: Gillian Buckley

Gillian Buckley

Panellists: Jen Knoch, Alana Wilcox, and Noelle Allen

Jennifer-Knoch    Alana Wilcox    Noelle Allen

About the session:

The publishing world has been turned upside down in the last decade with new technology, new formats, new business models, and the constant prediction that the book is dead. Yet Canadian publishing houses struggle on. Join these Canadian publishers for a discussion on how their companies are tracking change.

About the moderator:

Gillian Buckley has been an editor since 2007 and has worked both in-house and as a freelancer. Find her online at

About the panellists:

Jen Knoch is an editor at ECW Press and, as Liv Spencer, co-writes best-selling pop culture books for young people.

Alana Wilcox is the editorial director of Coach House Books and is currently the chair of the Literary Press Group.

Noelle Allen is the publisher of Wolsak and Wynn, a literary pressed based in Hamilton, Ontario. She is also a board member for the Literary Press Group, and a member of the Literary Committee of the Hamilton Arts Council where she helps organize the Hamilton Literary Awards.


Indigenous Writing and Editing

Speakers: Lee Maracle

Lee Maracle

About the session:

Canada knows little about indigenous people and as more writers enter the market, editing can be a problem if the author is creating a story from within the author’s own story structures. Lee Maracle will discuss editing difficulties from within indigenous storytelling styles.

About the speaker:

Lee Maracle is one of the most prolific indigenous writers in Canada. A member of the Stó:lō Nation, she is an award-winning poet, novelist, and performance storyteller, and is currently on faculty at the University of Toronto.