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Tools and Technology

Session: Ergonomic Balance: Make Your Workstation Work for Your Life!

Speakers: Efan Gonsalves and Joseph Trambulo

Efan Gonsalves     Joseph Trambulo

About the session:

Although companies try to provide the best ergonomics for their staff, many times this continues to pose a challenge for staff and employer alike. Ergonomic Balance involves looking at ergonomics as a double-sided coin—creating balance at the workstation, but also creating postural balance in the individual who is using the workstation. Over the past several years, Honsberger Physiotherapy has successfully provided ergonomic solutions to companies to help promote staff productivity and to prevent injuries in the workplace. Join experts Efan Gonsalves and Joseph Trambulo to see how to create optimal balance and health in the workplace.

About the speakers:

Efan Gonsalves is the clinical director of the Markham clinic and company general manager for Honsberger Physiotherapy. He has 17 years of experience in the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine. He is a registered physiotherapist, with a degree from McMaster University, and a Certified Athletic Therapist. Efan has worked with all levels of clients, including professional baseball players, elite figure skaters, and track athletes.

Joseph Trambulo is a graduate of the Physical Therapy program at Daemen College, Amherst, New York. He has also taken post-graduate courses in acupuncture, manual therapy, and golf performance. As a multisport athlete in high school and former collegiate basketball player, Joseph is focused on injury prevention and body performance.


Session: Every Good e-Book Needs a Good Editor: Demystifying EPUB Structure for Non-coders

Speaker: Christen Thomas

Christen Thomas

About the session:

Editors are experts at correctness, clarity, and conciseness. E-book coders strive for these same goals—they’re just working with a different dictionary and a different language. This presentation demystifies the structure of EPUB for those focused on editorial development of content before it is converted into e-book formats.

This session will look at upgrading the role of the editor through styling manuscripts, doing quality assurance, and improving workflow to help create clean e-books.

About the speaker:

Christen Thomas is executive director of the Literary Press Group of Canada, a not-for-profit association of nearly 60 Canadian literary book publishers. Christen recently taught e-book production in Centennial College’s Book and Magazine Publishing program. Previously, Christen managed technology at eBOUND Canada, managed editorial at Firefly Books and Formac Publishing, and held various positions at James Lorimer & Company, Ltd. Christen is a published poet interested in the intersection of technology and art.


Session: Faster Editing: Using PerfectIt to Check Consistency and House Style

Speaker: Daniel Heuman

Daniel Heuman

About the session:

Learn how to save time copy-editing with PerfectIt. Users will see PerfectIt’s consistency tests and learn what it can (and what it can’t) do. Daniel will demonstrate how to download styles, check custom preferences and build a custom style sheet for each client that you work with. (Software not available for Mac OS.)

About the speaker:

Daniel Heuman developed PerfectIt and is managing director of Intelligent Editing. His software is used by more than a thousand professional editors around the world.


Session: New Editorial and Publishing Technologies

Speaker: Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown

About the session:

The technological ground beneath our feet is shifting. Editors are beginning to work in new software and coding systems. But what is now a rumble will soon become an earthquake, as a result of the demand to publish to multiple electronic platforms. This session will highlight the new models for authoring, editing, production, and publishing enabled by new technologies. Attendees will learn the skills needed to succeed in this brave new world.

About the speaker:

Carolyn Brown is a freelance scientific and medical writer and editor. She also provides publishing consulting, specializing in XML-based publishing systems.


Session: Protecting Yourself in Your Digital World: Preventive Maintenance from a Computer Security Perspective

Speaker: Jeffrey Peck

Jeffrey Peck

About the session:

This session will explore our digital world, from PCs to mobile phones, and discuss ways to be safe whenever you are connected. Attendees will develop sound password strategies and review new authentication technologies, establish back-up strategies to secure data, learn about anti-malware software protection and the importance of current software/firmware versions for all devices, and take a ride through VPN tunnels to lands of potentially safer browsing methods.

About the speaker:

Jeffrey Peck is the faculty coordinator for Academic Upgrading at George Brown College. He is a graduate of Centennial College in Computer Systems Technology, has a Bachelor of IT from the University of Western Sydney, and holds a Master of Teaching from Griffith University.


Session: Advanced Acrobatics: Tips and Tricks for PDF Mark-up (senior editor session)

Speaker: Adrienne Montgomerie

Adrienne Montgomerie

About the session:

Ever have to edit a product that can’t be marked up: flash menus on live webpages, presentations, apps and other software, e-books, or the copy in videos? Did you know you can use free Adobe software to mark-up a PDF page proof or any screenshot on any operating system? See how to use the e-pencil and reviewing tools and learn how to navigate the mark-up for quality assurance purposes. This session will also explore other features of PDF mark-up that speed up your work and increase accuracy. Applies to Mac, Windows, and iPad or other tablet.

About the speaker:

Adrienne Montgomerie is a certified copy editor who teaches onscreen editing online and freelances full-time for publishers. Her 17 years in EAC ranged from editing the MPES to receiving VOTY. She is the @scieditor component of Dameditors.